Monday, March 02, 2015

Hillary emails.

I suppose Mr. Snowden didn't have them, huh? Everyone should be so lucky. And that is all I have to say about that. It is political fodder.

18 U.S. Code § 2511 - Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications prohibited (click here)

Whether Republicans like it or not, this is the law that governed Former Secretary Clinton's COMMUNICATIONS. 

President Obama was the first President that communicated from a personal Blackberry. Enough. 

Okay, who actually believes (click here for hint) Former Secretary of State and Former US Senator from New York and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton uses Gmail or Yahoo? 

How many women in the world can move into the Secretary of State office and say, "Oh, he's already on my email list, though."

If this is why the Republicans continuously call for another Benghazi investigation, they have wasted taxpayer's money and have been in office far too long, while using the federal House for political purposes.

Tikrit, huh?

Is Saddam's burial plot still intact? He was head honcho to the Ba'athists. I thought maybe they made a temple to him. No?

And there is an Iranian General leading the Shi'ite militias? Really? How cool is that, huh?

Hey, he is actually making a difference in the defensive force for the Shi'ites. I think that is interesting.

That makes the Shi'ites interested in defending Iraq with it's borders intact. That is something to be grateful for. 

These folks are ruled by their religious devotions. I am not surprised they listen to similar voices in battle. 

Inadvertently involving Iran. Hm. No, I think Iran knows there is a war next door. If it was a USA border and there was a war next door, we would be involved absolutely. The fact there are Iranian Generals leading the Shia militias sort of gives it away.

This is a depiction of "The Shia Crescent." There are all sorts assessments of the crescent. Some are narrower and slightly different, but, this one is the most generous in area of their presence. 

The Shia Crescent is real. There are real human beings affiliated with that region. It spans many countries, but, it is considered to be accurate to the distribution of Shi'ites in the region.

These people have a right to live. They have a right to defend their countries. They have a right to their religion and all that means. 

Having Iranian Generals leading Iraqi Shia militias on the battlefield along with others such as the Kurds and other Sunni tribes is exactly what the Iraqi Constitution calls for. It calls for a joint military force. I am sure it doesn't include Iraqi Generals, but, there is a very good chance Baghdad asked Iran to help no differently than it asked the USA. 

This reminds me of a moment of truth after the USA military entered Afghanistan. Karzai was made President and it was about six months or so of occupation of that country that President Karzai wanted a meeting between Iranian leaders and USA leaders. It could have been done at lower levels of diplomacy, but, the Bush administration dismissed the request. 

This map shows the very long border Iran and Afghanistan share. There is no earthquake that is going to change that. President Karzai regarded his neighbor with esteem no different than he regarded the USA. 

The USA is going to have to come to terms with the fact this region of the world brings the USA face to face with convenient political enemies. The leaders of Iraq are not going to snub Iran. To that truth is lent the idea 'they are trying to defend their country as if brothers the best way they can.'

Will Iranian Generals turn their guns on Kurds and Sunnis as soon as the battle is finished? I would be extremely surprised if that ever happened. I don't think the Iraqi Shia militias have a mysterious agenda. That agenda is only alive in political dogma of The West. 

The leaders of these countries have little use for Western politics. Their people are under siege and they are defending their lands. That is what The West asked of them for nearly ten years. They are doing exactly that. If the method of which they are carrying out that responsibility is offensive to the sensibilities of The West, well that is too bad. 

The best chance of these lands being in the hands of people that love it and call it home is for those same people to defend it. Those militias are far more worried about surviving the day, carrying out the directives of their leadership, protecting their wives and children than carrying out a faux agenda drafted by John McCain. 

Personally, I am tired and disgusted with the Neocon agenda in the USA. They are hateful and have far too many issues with control of the Middle East. These people have to have their own way of living. They are not going to fit into a mold prescribed by the USA military. If that was the idea of the invasion into Iraq, then everyone was arrogant and had it completely wrong. The USA has no control over nations of people that are left to defend their lands. 

It is completely obvious the years of training that went into the Iraqis in the hands of The West was a waste of time, treasure and American soldiers. They don't identify with American trainers unless they have consent by their own leaders to achieve the status of soldier. That is the truth of the matter. 

The slaughter of human beings by Daesh has been unbelievable. They are barbarians. They know no god besides themselves. The death is real and those nations of people are right there expecting their militias and what organized military exists to protect them today and into the future.

If the Iraqi military comes together with leadership that speaks the language better than any American, with religious devotion expressed by their Holy Men, then so be it. Enough people have died that no others should die when their militias are capable of ending the killing. The West has no place here if they are going to put their politics ahead of human life. It is up to the people to decide to accept each other and set aside differences to find peace and harmony. I am hopeful that will occur when all the battles are won and the soldiers return home safely.

The Sunnis, Kurds and Shi'ites are experiencing their own miracle. They are finding they can fight a common foe while worshiping the God of their upbringing. It is nothing short of a small miracle and I hope peace in the region is realized as a result.

The USA is responsible for all of Russia's bad news?

President Putin stated it was the USA's CIA that assassinated Boris Nemtsov? Really? Wow. I don't think so.

I might point out that President Putin is blaming everything on the USA. He even blamed the downing of the jet shot down by the Ukrainian rebels on the USA. That was a blatant lie.

I recently viewed a short documentary on the people of East Ukraine. It was being conducted during the ceasefire. Those people believed every word in propaganda they were told. They bought right into any words coming from Putin. If there was propaganda related to Kiev, it was recanted over and over.

If President Putin can state conclusively that the USA's CIA assassinated Mr. Nemtsov right in the shadow of the Kremlin, he needs to ask for extradition of those involved. The USA is known to extradite, but, Russia isn't. So, President Putin may have forgotten the USA might be open to bringing murderers to justice.

That is an odd comment by President Putin because the assassination happened right there in Red Square. The USA's CIA has set up shop in Red Square unknown to the Kremlin. Wow. Damn, their good.

Don't worry about the chemistry, just enjoy it.

March 1, 2015

Drinking three cups (click here) of tea a day can cut the risk of diabetes, says new research.

Two studies show that black tea has a glucose-lowering effect that could help prevent and manage type 2 diabetes, which affects 2.3 million Britons.

Experts say the findings suggest around three cups a day might help the body control blood sugar levels more effectively.

In the studies US and Japanese scientists investigated extracts from black tea in the laboratory.
They discovered the action of natural ingredients in black tea could lead to reductions in blood sugar....
I've been thinking about this nudity thing with Google in regards to Blogger. I think I'll have to engage one of my other blogs in order to go forward if this is banded from public viewing. The reason is not for myself, but, for others. I would be content to blog and never have a person read it or act on it. They are my thoughts and 'the read-write' method helps putting thoughts to words.


This blog has garnered attention I didn't expect. It is nice to be included in the ideas in our great democracy. I can't ignore that and expect others to cope with Google's infringement. 

I know there are people that look for me, if for no other reason but to be sure both they and I are okay while addressing very weighty issues. I look for them as well. I had no idea my blog would bring such people to the site. It was to have a humble message that we are in trouble on Earth because of our extravagance of fossil fuels and complete irreverence to the gift of life provided by a benevolent planet. The blog became more and that's okay. 

So. If this blog ever goes into shadows rather than a part of a public forum I will be addressing the same issues on a different blog here on Blogger. If people want to explore the archives of this blog I'll be happy to provide access, that is not in question.

I don't want people signing in. My followers are important in their anonymity. For those that cannot sign in because it would be a record of their visits to particular content, I respect that. 

Until later...

Nina and her attorney are absolutely correct.

Her lingering symptoms is at the very least anxiety, but, more likely is also PTSD. It not unusual to have more than one psychological diagnosis after severe trauma. 

She was facing down death and that is about as severe as trauma gets. Additionally, this occurred at her place of work where she believed she was in control of her safety within her practice. 

This trauma in her life directly attacked everything she believed about her life and safety. She can't help the fact she has become paranoid and fearful. It was sudden, very real and completely out of the blue. 

Her employer didn't have at hand the type of equipment she needed in her practice. That is a company policy. There were other staff exposed unwittingly. This was not a unique circumstance, this could have been far more ranging. The invasion of authority was everywhere. Her privacy was gone, her apartment and even her pet dog had authorities take control of them. That is really scarey, especially in Texas where the culture brags about liberty and freedom and self-sufficiency. 

She is probably damaged for life. She did not volunteer for a dangerous job in Africa. Her employer is not blameless. The patient involved died because of the mistakes of her employer. She thought she was going to be next. 

A Texas court could throw it all out and say too bad, she is alive and the virus was never a problem for them before. That is what is so cruel about the states in this country that have scaled back more and more tort laws that protect citizens from exploitation by their employers. 

The hospital system should have an infection control office where RISK MANAGEMENT includes deadly disease that has not yet visited their patient population. There should have been a protocol. There were hospitals prepared to carry out this type of exposure. 

There is some assessment that needs to be carried out to determine if the working environment was well staffed. If the staffing ratios were poor the staff was stressed and pushing their boundaries to get the work done. I am confident there was sufficient pressure from her employer to deliver a high  productive rate in treating patients. 

If a hospital system is to be responsible for patients they have to adequately staff the care of those patients AND that staff should not be faced with 'burn out' either. In  this case there is not only burn out of a well qualified nurse, but, trauma that has scared her for life. 

I wish her well and I am sure her celebrity status is a problem for her as well. 
The attention at the center of an emergency in the USA was nothing she planned for or pursued.

I wish her well.

Ebola nurse Nina Pham with her dog Bentley at a Dallas park. Pham filed a lawsuit Monday against Texas Health Resources, which owns Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas, alleging that lack of training and lack of proper protection caused her to get Ebola. She also alleges that THR invaded her privacy by releasing information to the public about her medical condition, including by shooting a video of her in her hospital bed.

March 2, 2015
By Jennifer Emily

Nurse Nina Pham, (click here) who contracted Ebola while caring for a patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, filed a lawsuit Monday in Dallas County against the hospital’s parent company, Texas Health Resources.

 The lawsuit alleges that while she became the American face of the fight against the disease, the hospital’s lack of training and proper equipment and violations of her privacy made her “a symbol of corporate neglect — a casualty of a hospital system’s failure to prepare for a known and impending medical crisis.”...
I think the speech at AIPAC by Prime Minister Netanyahu was very calculated. It was also not factually correct.

I will not tear the speech apart. He has the right to speech in whatever manner he believes most appropriate. He is always welcome to speak frankly to the USA or to disguise his priorities.

He was correct that Americans embrace Israel as family. Their pain is our pain and that is perfectly obvious.

A culture of fear and hate is not the answer for any country.

March 1, 2015
Katya Golubkova and Alexander Winning

Thousands of Russians (click here) marched through central Moscow on Sunday, carrying banners declaring “I am not afraid” and chanting “Russia without Putin” in memory of murdered Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov.

Families, the old and young walked slowly, with many holding portraits of the opposition politician and former deputy prime minister who was shot dead while walking home from a restaurant in central Moscow on Friday night.

...“If we can stop the campaign of hate that’s being directed at the opposition, then we have a chance to change Russia. If not, then we face the prospect of mass civil conflict,” Gennady Gudkov, an opposition leader, told Reuters....

I believe those that marched have the best idea for Russia's future. Living with hate of each other is not cohesive to sovereignty or domestic peace. Hate interrupts economic growth and holds hostage innocent people to their participation in the benefits of society as in education or social interaction. Hate of each other cannot be Russia's future. Mutual respect and inclusiveness will be rewarding in surprising ways such as domestic peace and happiness. 

I look forward to the government bringing the murderer of Boris Nemtsov to trial. It will be a good beginning to remove the sigma of hate as equity in justice will be realized. 

Russia cannot resolve back to silence, it is not the future of generations. 

The United States is still identifying hate within it's society as an ongoing realization hate can be passed on from one generation to the next for political purposes. It is a continuing process and Russia should take on the challenge.

People have to make choices sometimes.

March 1, 2015
By Sarah Michael

The student skydiver (click here for video and article)  who suffered a seizure while free-falling at 2743 m (9000 ft) was an epilepsy sufferer who believed he had his condition under control. 
Incredible footage shows the terrifying moment Christopher Jones, 22, had an epileptic seizure while free-falling at 2743 m (9000 ft).
Mr Jones, from Perth, suffered the near-death experience while trying to do a left-hand turn in mid-air and was saved by his fast-acting sky diving instructor who opened his parachute with seconds to spare....

Christopher Jones and his family are lucky people because the student sky diver has a Master Jump Master prepared for the worst. The idea any future jumps by Mr. Jones would have the same result is unrealistic.

Sometimes people have to measure their ability to carry out an ambition. Bring prudent about personal safety impacts more than oneself so much as the footprint a person has in other's lives. The picture above could have been very different. 

We can call upon the profession to rule making in regard to a person's safety, but, the Jump Master providing the lessons could have denied Mr. Jones his ambitions. I would surprised if a health certificate was not required before lessons could begin. If there was no doctor's certificate then the profession and the state government needs to develop standards for high risk activities.
"Morning Papers" 

The Rooster


This is a Crested Polish Rooster.

Police killed another unarmed homeless man. This time in Los Angeles. They killed him for their need of control. If he couldn't be controlled immediately he is then a dead man. 

The man's name was "Africa." He was a threat to no one, except, a police officers demand for him to lie still. Since he wouldn't lie still the officers made him lie still in a barrage of bullets.

March 2, 2015
By Gale Holland

Los Angeles: In a dramatic confrontation caught on video, (click here) Los Angeles police have shot and killed a homeless man.
A video of the incident posted on Facebook on Sunday shows a group of officers getting into a scuffle with a man standing on a sidewalk littered with tents and other debris.
During the struggle, one officer drops his nightstick, which is picked up by a woman on the street. Two officers handcuff the woman.
The man continues to scuffle with four of the officers, even after he is wrestled to the ground. One of the officers is heard saying "Drop the gun. Drop the gun."
Then, at least one of the officers opens fire on the man, who remained on the ground with at least two officers near him.
Five gunshots are heard on the recording....

"Good Night, Moon"

Waxing Gibbous that is nearing a Full Moon

88.7 percent lit

11.5 day old Moon

March 1, 2015
By Johnny Horne

If you gaze moonward (click here) Monday evening (if skies are clear) you'll notice a bright object to the left of the moon.
It's the planet Jupiter.
Even though its almost a half billion miles away and about 4 1/2 times the distance from the sun than Earth is, the giant planet reflects enough sunlight to appear very bright in our evening skies....

There is some talk lately about the methane environment of the moon named TItan. Evidently, there is evidence.