Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Histopathology Colon --Hemorrhagic infarct

The lecturer's seeminly glib manner is due to trying to make the educational environment more acceptable to a serious condition. It could probably be done without, but, I am not the student necessarily or the professor teaching.

The important aspect of this video is that serious 'cell membrane' degradation is taking place. This is often noted in hemorrhagic colitis. It is called an infarct because the tissue is disrupted, the cell membranes are destroyed.

If these infarcts are occuring one week after infection that is what is causing higher mortality rates. With this current strain of bacteria these 'infarct' could be happening in the other organ's tissues due to the same process here. It is a complex picture both for the patient and for the investigators.

One full week of bacteria replication within the body before symptoms are known is a lot replication, that is why it is so difficult to beat this lousy bug out of existence in a treatment regime.  In addition, after a week laters it is a multi-organ involvement.  Kidneys.  There goes your filtration and increased blood pressure.  The patients are compromised severely.  Increased blood pressure CAUSES 'system degradation' and ultimately shock.  It is bad bacteria. 

The hemorrhagic eschericia coli outbreak in Germany is causing the farmers illegitimate harm due to fear.

This strain of E. coli has similar symptoms to that of "Hemorrhagic Colitis" bacteria.  The hemorrhagic E. Coli that causes Hemorrhagic Colitis is called e.coli 0157:H7.    E.coli 0157:H7 is a healthy intestinal bacteria in cattle, but, when humans are exposed to it in their intestine it becomes very dangerous.  The image above is of e.coli 0157:H7.

...European Union agriculture ministers (click title to entry - thank you) held emergency talks in Luxembourg yesterday to discuss aid for farmers who are unable to sell their vegetables due to growing consumer fears over the outbreak.
The EU health commissioner, John Dalli, said they were also due to review food safety alert systems to ensure warnings had ''scientific basis and proof'' before becoming public. That was requested by Spain, whose farmers were hit hard by the inaccurate warnings. Madrid has said it will demand full compensation from Germany for the losses, estimated at €225 million ($306 million) a week since the crisis began....

The financial stability of farmers that may or may not have problems is definately an effect of decisions to protect the public.  As noted in the article from The Sydney Morning Herald it is difficult to find the lousy little bacteria as it takes an entire week for the first symptoms to manifest and then back tracking to actually find the source is extremely difficult. The farmers cooperating in concern of the public should have the sympathies of the public to insure they are providing openness to that investigation.  Currently, all the tests of the suspected produce are coming up negative, but, the public remains fearful of these foods.

The quest to find this bacteria's source is important.  Intimidating the investigators or the potential sources isn't going solve anything. 

E. Coli confirmed in SWVA child that died, possible "outbreak" in NETN under investigation (click title to entry - thank you)

UPDATE:  5:16 pm
Lab results confirm the presence of E. coli in the child that died this weekend and the presence of the bacteria in a close contact of the child, Virginia Department of Health Public Information Officer Robert Parker said.
"The lab results confirm the presence of E. coli 0157:H7," Parker said. "That's a strain of E. coli that causes severe illness."...

E. coli outbreak strain seems unusually deadly

...According to China's BGI Shenzen, (click here) one of the world's largest gene sequencing labs, the outbreak bug is 93% identical genetically to an E. coli strain that has caused illness in AIDS patients in the Central African Republic. But the new bug appears to now sport genes that lead to both bloody diarrhea and kidney failure, as well as resistance to 14 kinds of antibiotics, instead of just one, tetracycline, like before. What's more, the bugs now lacks an "adhesin" gene (as in "adhesion") usually linked to the germ sticking to things. That may mean it has replaced that gene with an even nastier way to stick to your gut. Ain't evolution grand?

"This is a very bizarre bug, a fascinating organism," says Lutwick, who teaches at the SUNY-Downstate College of Medicine in Brooklyn and is a moderator on the widely-followed ProMed outbreak aler network, an emailed update service where doctors post new outbreak developments for each other. "But these things can happen. In biology they will happen"...

Attack of the Australian vineyards, who see this wine as a threat to their product price.

The 'floor price' for wine also disincentives alcoholism.  The alcohoic dollar won't go as far and begin to bring down dependency.

...The interim chief executive (click title to entry - thank you) of the agency, Rhonda Galbally, confirmed that the strategic plan included the concept of a uniform alcohol floor price.

Forbidding retailers from selling alcohol below a certain price per standard drink would allow them and manufacturers to share any extra profit.

The prices of most drinks, including beer, would be unaffected as they are already above the likely floor price. But cleanskin wines would be affected....


A moral ban on the sale of cattle to Indonesia by Australia due to inhumane treatment.

...The ban is the first such move since the the Howard government suspended sending live sheep to Egypt in February 2006 following television footage showing mistreatment of the animals.

The outcry leading to the suspension of cattle exports to Indonesia began on Monday last week when the ABC's Four Corners broadcast footage showing brutal slaughtering methods and mistreatment inside Indonesian abattoirs....

Weiner was set up. It is obvious he was set up.

There is no doubt he acted as a 'single man' rather than a newlywed, but, the other parites obviously asked him to continue with 'disclosure' of his person in relation to compromising content. His ? admirer ? not only asked to see skin and preformance, but, also insisted he provide identity of who it was to validate the compromise of his identity she was seeking.

There are a lot of questions here and I want a full investigation to the 'priority of intimidation' in regard to seeking power over a USA Congressman. Weiner was not solisticing this, he was being solicited from what I can see. The tactic is as old as the USA Constitution itself.

There really are more important aspects of life than the obsession the media is showing over all this. I won't comment again on something that needs clarification.

While President Obama is enjoying an increase in polls with rare exception, the 18 - 29 year olds are very disillusioned.

Like many "millennials," Brittney, a 20-year-old student from Northridge, CA, dreams of a financially-stable future, "a house with a kitchen and lots of books," but she doesn't see a clear path toward achieving it. After having already moved 10 times during her life, Brittney is determined to "do it better than her parents." She skateboards between two jobs while juggling full time college classes and is forced to deal with short-term economic realities instead of focusing on her dream of becoming a book editor. Brittney wonders: will she be able to pay back debts and student loans? And should she stay in college as her debt rises?

The "Allstate / National Journal Heartland Monitor finds a decrease of 10% for the President since 2008.  There is a great deal of dispair in this age group and he sincerely needs to reach out to them and CONNECT to bring reason, direction and hope to their lives.  At the title to this entry worth watching and to click here is a graph of the President's Approval Rating its change from 2008 to 2010 to present.  It is an interesting poll that includes more depth than found in most polls where only numbers matter.

It is sad to realize our young people see themselves as floudering and without a clear path to a promising future. 

And, to start with, do you feel that THE COUNTRY, in general, is headed in the right direction, or do you think things are seriously off on the wrong track? (click here)

A full 31% of the people polled didn't know how to answer that question or refused to answer it. 


The President needs to connect with the nation without the interference of the Right Wing Media that never tells the truth.  If their propaganda lies aren't obvious in their 'star performer' in Palin, than I don't know what is. 

The country is confused more than it is not and that is due to confused signals and understandings of the return of the American Dream.

Jounalists unable to find civilian casualties in NATO airstrikes of Libya.

There is the issue of Gadaffi's son and two grandchildren.  If nothing else the grandchildren are definately civilians.  The USA under Reagan did the same thing.  I don't know if that is the price a tyrant pays for keeping his family within a military intelligence complex, though.

...“This is a case of road traffic accident,” it said in English.   “This is the trouth [sic].” (TRUTH) (click title to entry - thank you)
Nearly three months into NATO’s bombing campaign, Moammar Gaddafi’s government churns out daily propaganda about the alliance supposedly inflicting civilian casualties. Last week, it said that 718 people had died from mid-March to late May and that 4,067 had suffered significant injuries.
But it has failed to show foreign journalists more than a handful of dead or wounded people. Indeed, when reporters are taken on official trips, what they see suggests that NATO is being accurate and careful.
In the past week alone, up to a dozen loud explosions have been heard in Tripoli every night, but reporters are allowed to see only a fraction of the bombed sites.
On Sunday, journalists were taken to look at some broken windows in a church but were not allowed to visit a nearby military site that had been destroyed. Then they were taken to a farm and shown a dead dog and dead chickens.
A man there said no humans had been injured, but that story changed by the time the journalists reached the Sharia al-Zawiyah hospital.
As the baby slept, a man arrived at the bedside and was introduced first as a Health Ministry spokesman, and then as a neighbor of the family.
“Killing our children, this is what NATO does,” he said, giving his name as Imad Gheith. Prompted by an official at his side, he repeated the regime’s slogan. “God, Moammar, Libya, that’s all we need.”...

Libya: Gaddafi’s son, three grandchildren killed in NATO air strike (click here)

Sunday 01 May 2011

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi survived a NATO air strike on a Tripoli house that killed his youngest son and three grandchildren, a government spokesman said on Sunday.
Libyan officials took journalists to the house, which had been hit by at least three missiles. The roof had completely caved in inplaces, leaving mangled rods of reinforcing steel hanging down among splintered chunks of concrete....