Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I can't stay silent with a child in the balance.

It is not surprising the newlyweds of Anthony and Huma Weiner are expecting their first child.

If Breitbart thinks he is doing the nation a favor by exposing skin to insult a new marriage and a new baby he is sadly mistaken.  I find Breitbart's priorities disgusting and he should be sued along with women involved who do not care what occurrs in the marriage or with a pregnancy. 

There is an ethics investigation to be conducted to determine if there are violations the House has to deal with and that is where the photos and testimonies of the women should have gone in the first place.  They could have been placed into the public rhelm at any time if the House proved it was not going to handle the issue. 

But, for Breitbart (I always think of Homer Simpson when I hear that name) thinks he is exempt from causing harm and being sued he has a nothing thing coming.  If I were Representative Weiner and my wife were expecting I would not be taking this lying down.  He made his statement to the public and that's the end of it.  He and his wife should enjoy their pregnancy and hope the child is born healthy.  I think Breitbart should be handed a summons for harassment and imperiling the health of a woman.

Bight - Bart

Just one of those strange analogies that crop up for me when I hear the name.

Go figure.

President should summit with OPEC and allow them to build their own refineries in the USA.

The Repuboicans are always crying there isn't enough 'oil and gas' infrastructure and that the USA is at the mercy of other, but, they believe in the free market system.  Well, then the people with the most oil can build refineries and hire USA labor to run them to bring their oil to the USA for processing and completely eliminate the 'middle man' and provide an honest price for energy to consumers. 

President Obama should have a State Dinner for Saudi Arabia and others that can bring products Americans can make within their own borders and provide jobs to Americans for the products they purchase from other countries.  There is no way the USA could ever have enough oil to fill the demand for Wall Street's commodity market. 

Why didin't Bush and Cheney offer to allow the Saudis a refinery to sell their product directly to the American people?  Perhaps the speculation of oil was more rewarding to the former President and Vice President than anyone is willing to admit.  After all, if the Saudis could bring their oil directly to a refinery in the USA who would need Halliburton in Iraq?

OPEC should not allow manipulation by speculators and only determine production by amounts currently in reserve.

Determining production for OPEC should be easy.  The global reserves will state how much oil there is and how much should be extracted.

In recent months, OPEC has been played for fools by Wall Street while they insisted the unrest in the Middle East was justification for increasing prices.  That simply isn't true. 

The oil ministers of the MIddle East have a conscience and they know what the global market consumption is and they should be able to 'set policy' based in that history and the trend by the USA to reduce the need for oil and gas by pursuing alternative fuels, especially at the tailpipe.

OPEC should not be easily manipulated by speculators that could not care less how much of their profits actually go to the countries that OWN the oil fields.  It is ridiculous.

Understanding the global consumption and where it is going, hopefully down in demand, should guide the OPEC countries in their production.

Wall Street Speculators should be irrelevant to the production of these countries.  They are not reaping the profits Wall Street speculators are because they are not charging that high a price for the oil they produce.  The outrageous speculation by Wall Street will never stop.  They care less about people and the need so much as the money that lines their pockets.  Their is an argument that oil producers should sell their oil not to the commodity markets, but, with CONTRACTS to refineries that will guarantee a price at the pump for consumers all over the world.  There is absolutely no reason for OPEC to engage in commodity markets.  They can open contract negotiations directly to refineries guaranteeing they receive the lion share of the cost of the oil while reasonable profits are made by refineries to the consumer.  OPEC has the ability through contract negotiations with refineries to control the cost of oil directly from the oil fields and address production accordingly.

OPEC can set prices to consumers if they want to, they simply have to want to and take control of this entire mess.  There seems to be little anyone else can do.  If there is no cooperation at the refineries than institute an embargo until others deal reasonably with OPEC.  I believe OPEC can control the quality of life to a globe of citizens seeing unreasonable 'goods' prices, including food, they just have to find the will to do it.

Was there chloroform in the body of Caylee Anthony? If not, why not?

I have a theory.  Remember propofol intoxication of Michael Jackson?  And there was that medication for children in the fifties that worked to put them to sleep.  What heck was it?

Paregoric.  Parents would give their children paregoric for stomach aches and set them off to sleep.  Paregoric was  camphorated tincture of opium.  People in Afghanistan probably use it as a benevolent agent for sleep and don't understand why The West is so opposed to it.

At rate, chhoroform (CHCl3) is used as an anesthetic, no different than propofol.  Where the heck did Anthony come by chloroform?  If she used it on Caylee, she used it as a sleeping agent while she partied with her friends.  I doubt she expected Caylee to die. 

The prosecutor and the defense need to put this into perspective.  If there is any chloroform within Caylee's body and Anthony was using it for sedative purposes then the investigation isn't over.  I don't think it is first degree murder.  I believe the bizarre social behavior of Anthony when Caylee died is very explainable considering that was her goal and she simply didn't know what to do about her circumstances otherwise.  A Borderline Personality Disordered female would consider partying as a 'normal' behavior even though her daughter never work from her coma. 

It really don't believe this was premeditated.  I think it was dysfunctional and stupid and Anthony was never meant to be a mother, but, I don't believe she is a killer necessarily.  Somebody needs to get this right. 

Sad, but, true.  When a society makes the citizen an authority above all else people begin they can control their world and the world around them.  Anthony thought she was being smarter than the average young mother.  It even could have happened with a nanny involved.

Casey Anthony Trial: Was Caylee drugged with Chloroform so Casey could party?  (click title to entry - thank you)

9:24 AM, Jun 8, 2011

...It's no secret the young mother loved to party.

Pictures are posted all over the internet of Casey wearing short, tight, form-fitting skirts and dresses.
She is seen in nightclubs dancing provocatively with other women and posing in photos for "hot body" contests at an Orlando club called Fusion...

Guaranteed, it wasn't premediated and the 'story telling' has 'evolved' as she tries to save her own life with the HELP of her family.  There is a larger investigation that needs to begin and should have been on going if Caylee died of chloroform overdose.  Where did Anthony get it and why?  Did the nanny play a roll in this and did the family at any venue know about it?  Certainly they weren't ignorant to her party schedule.  I really believe this case is bigger than anyone wants to admit and the family has bargained in order to exonerate themselves from the knowledge of her activities.  Something is not correct here.  There are others involved.  That is my estimation.  No one optains chloroform without help.  No different than propofol.

If the jurors are worth their salt this is going to end up in a hung jury for the inabiltity of the prosecution to bring to scope the entire case.  Caylee is not getting justice here.  I sincerely the prosecution is playing with stereotypes rather than presenting the evidence in its correct context. 

Why the uprising in the Middle East? Nation building for the sake of oil. That's why.

There is an article in the Washington Post regarding a report stating without the USA miltitary and USA money Afghanistan's 'nation building' is unsustainable.  The reason the Middle East is going through these difficult times is because they don't want the military dictatorships that have ruled their lives for decades. 

The current stategy according to the USA military will have to be maintained in Afghanistan for at least ten more years in order to accomplish its goals.  The theory behind those statements is not really such a mystery.  Americans always believe that once given 'a chance' to achieve 'democracy' and 'capitalism' as we know it the people of Afghanistan will reach for it and it will take hold.  Supposedly the only 'element' preventing all that is the Taliban.

Perhaps.  But, when one looks to the Middle East to find a reason to believe in ten years a benevolent government will 'control' Afghanistan 'without' further worries, that is a flat out lie.  The nation building that occurred throughout the Middle East and sustained for decades is being removed today.  Will benevolent democraies replace them?  The honest answer is no one knows, except, the sincerely god fearing people of Egypt want peace.  Their answer currently is they don't appreciate Israel and Israel is in the way of peace.  That view is giving validity to the extremists that have caused the violence throughout the Middle East for the same amount of time there existed national building dominated by civilization rather than wars.

The topic in the Washington Post is about Afghanistan and withdrawing troops and sustainability of nation building.  But, in all sincerity the topic is much bigger than that and actually includes the triangulation of Pakistan with China.  The countries that accepted USA money seeking to 'create' a nation that is civilized and able to trade and exist in peace with global powers learn quickly if they are 'big and bad' like the USA, Russia and China they can have arsenals of weapons, carry clout in the world and build nukes. 

So, if the USA is entering a country in defense of its own people when the extremists of the Middle East cause tragedy, they have to ask why.  That why should never include nation building and providing the venue that Iraq has today in its ability to become a power in an unstable region of the world where the next elections can turn over incredibly destructive power to extremist.

What is occurring across the Middle East today is a religious rebellion and the Shi'ites are at the center of it. 

One of the pictures in The Washington Post article is a boy climbing a tree.  That seems great in that children can actually have a childhood in Afghaistan.  But, that isn't the truth about that picture.  The boy is climbing a tree in Afghanistan in the middle of a grave yard.  It is the only place where he can find a tree that is safe enough to climb.  In a sanctuary of dead people a tree grows nad a child finds a playground.  That is demented beyond any definition of nation buliding I am willing to participate in.

...The report describes (click title to article - thank you)  the use of aid money to stabilize areas the military has cleared of Taliban fighters — a key component of the administration’s counterinsurgency strategy — as a short-term fix that provides politically pleasing results. But it says that the enormous cash flows can overwhelm and distort local culture and economies, and that there is little evidence the positive results are sustainable....

If the Sunnis and the Shi'ites want to destroy each other that is their call, but, Israel has a right to its sovereignty and it is NOT the problem of the unrest and hatred.  The problem in the Middle East is about tolerance of each other and seeking peace as a method to that tolerance.  Until that is realized among all the nations of the region there is dearly little reason to continue a war started a decade ago to root out and find international terrorists.  We are finished in Afghanistan, they can get their nukes from Pakistan and Iran.  The USA can protect India and seek stabilization through them.

Pakistan reduces US military trainers  (click here)
A senior Pakistan military official said late Tuesday that 90 of an estimated 135 US trainers have left the country, the latest setback in the deeply troubled relationship between the United States and Pakistan’s military following the May 2 US raid that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin laden.
The 90 Americans had been training the Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force made up mostly of tribesmen from the frontier areas, according to the military official, who asked not to be named in accordance with military practice.
The Frontier Corps is Pakistan’s front line force against militants in the tribal regions. The US military personnel were teaching members of the force to become trainers.
The US has confirmed it is reducing the number of its military personnel in Pakistan but has not given an exact figure....

Pakistan: US drone strike 'kills 15' people  (click here)

...Officials say the drone fired five missiles, destroying a fortress-like militant compound in Zoi village....

Get this one.  The editorial actually believes it is possible to change the stripes on a zebra.

Stabilize Afghanistan to prop up Pakistan  (click here)

President Obama has pledged to start withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan next month, with a goal of pulling all combat troops out by the end of 2014.
He hasn’t yet decided how many troops to pull this year. But since the killing of Osama bin Laden, domestic pressures have grown for him to front-load the drawdown.
If the point was to squash al-Qaida, people ask, why are we keeping thousands of troops in Afghanistan? After all, bin Laden was found in Pakistan. So was top al-Qaida military leader Ilyas Kashmiri, reportedly killed by a drone strike on Friday.
Having just returned from two weeks in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where I talked to U.S., Afghan and Pakistani leaders, I’ve come to a different conclusion: The drawdown should proceed slowly, at least for this year....

That's right just long enough to put a facsimile George Bush back in office.

The truth is the current state of affairs of Afghanistan and Pakistan is that they are corrupt.  The Pakistani ISI is one of the most corrupt intelligence services in the world.  What makes anyone believe without rolling into Pakistan and taking over the country while killing millions of people that this will change?  Look at Iraq.  The reason there appears to be a similarity between Iraq and The West is because hundreds of thousands of people have died.  Why is the mean age of the men in the Middle East so young?  I said it before and I'll say it again, the REAL war after September 11, 2001 was with Afghanistan and AFTER we marched through Pakistan.  Bush and Rumsfeld blew it and they knew they did, so they went to Iraq after WMD to save face and but Cheney's indebtness to Halliburton at rest.

Now, between Afghanistan and Iraq we have put over 5000 USA military soldiers to rest. 

Enough of this charade.  Bring the troops home.

Their is a tropical wave in the eastern Pacific that has spawned two tropical storms in two days.

June 6, 2011
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of the north and west hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop)

1Tropical Depression ONE_E 07-07 JUN 30 1005 -Active
2Tropical Storm ADRIAN 08-08 JUN 40 1001 -Active

Tropical Depression Develops In Eastern Pacific  (click here)

By Mark Dunphy - Tue Jun 07, 9:23 am

A low pressure system off the coast of Mexico looks set to develop into the Eastern Pacific’s first tropical depression of the season.
Located about 425 miles south of Acapulco, Mexico, System 91E is in a good spot for development: warm sea surface temperatures and low wind shear. Those are two factors needed to help a tropical cyclone develop....

But, that isn't all.

Infrared imagery on June 5 at 19:47 UTC (3:47 p.m. EDT/12:47 PDT) from the AIRS instrument that flies aboard NASA's Aqua satellite showed strong convection (purple) and thunderstorms in System 91E, about 425 miles south of Acapulco, Mexico. Credit: NASA/JPL, Ed Olsen

Tropical Storm Brews In The Caribbean  (click title to entry - thank you)

By Mark Dunphy - Mon Jun 06, 8:32 pm

Some of those thunderstorm cloud tops that stretch from Jamaica east to the area south of Puerto Rico are very high and very cold. The strongest cloud top temperatures are as cold as or colder than -63 Fahrenheit / -52 Celsius, which is an indicator of a lot of energy building those high thunderstorms.

The AIRS imagery is about 1700 kilometres (1,056 miles) wide, and the showers and thunderstorms associated with System 94L fill up that track from west to east, making this a huge area of low pressure. Interestingly enough, the National Hurricane Center noted that today, June 6, the area of lowest pressure is located about 130 miles south of Grand Cayman, and separate from the strongest thunderstorms.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) noted that this system has a Medium chance of becoming the Atlantic Ocean season’s first tropical storm before the upper level winds start battering it. NHC is planning to send a hurricane hunter into the storm on Tuesday, June 7 to investigate....

 As these storms develop and it looks as though it is frequently, the temperatures over the terrestrial USA will come down a bit.  That does not thwart the threat of severe weather to continue, such as tornadoes and hail, but, it will not occur with as much ferocity.  Hopefully.  It is a very severe troposphere globally.  Currently there is a severe drought in China and water is a delicate commmodity.  Texas is also experiencing a sustained drought. 

Temperature Map
June 8, 2011
0345 gmt

by Connor Radnovich, Ofelia Madrid, William Hermann and Lindsey Collom - Jun. 7, 2011 08:16 PM
The Arizona Republic

Authorities moved to evacuate a major part of Eagar Tuesday afternoon, as winds fanned the mammoth Wallow Fire and threatened the eastern Arizona town.

By 7 p.m., residents in Eagar and nearby Springerville were experiencing rolling power outages and a few gas stations were out of fuel….


The Kansas City Star

Just west of Yankton, S.D., about 350 miles from Kansas City, a swirling muddy problem is being unleashed our way at 130,000 cubic feet per second.
The practical result of that problem manifested itself Tuesday in Parkville, where hundreds of volunteers toiled in the steamy heat to fill thousands of sandbags. They hope to shield the community’s downtown area from the expected rise of the Missouri River.
Like residents of towns up and down the river, the workers in Parkville had their eyes on the menacing brown water nearby while their memories went back to 1993 and the record flood levels that in some places soon could be equaled or surpassed….
This is the Climate Crisis.  Deaths are occuring in astronomial numbers.  Last year alone, 50,000 people died from the Moscow fires.  China's population along the Yangtze River.  Some rains are predicted for that area, but, they are severe downpours that are expected.  That may create mudslides rather than relief from the drought.

Photo taken on June 5, 2011 shows rainwater permeating the fragmentary riverbed land after a heavy rainfall in Poyang Lake in Duchang County, east China's Jiangxi Province. The water level of Poyang Lake here had risen by 0.14 meters to 10.01 meters by 8 a.m. Sunday thanks to a heavy rainfall from 10 a.m. Saturday, but the level is still at the historical low and seven meters lower than the past year. (Xinhua/Fu Jianbin)

China adds 1.2 bln yuan to drought-hit regions (click here)

BEIJING, June 7 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese Ministry of Finance (MOF) on Tuesday said it had added 1.2 billion yuan (about 182.65 million U.S. dollars) to help five regions along the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River make a success of disaster relief work.
"The emergency allocation is primarily meant to aid drought-stricken Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei and Hunan provinces in restoring agricultural production and fishing," said the MOF in a statement posted at its website.
The additional funding came after the MOF had previously injected nearly 1.14 billion yuan to the five provinces for efforts to combat drought there....