Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It is stated there are significant numbers of civilians dead. I don't know if it could be done differently.

Syria is a complete loss. There is very little to salvage from the four year war. It will need international help when Dae'sh is finally gone.

July 19, 2016

Amude – The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) (click here) have captured an ISIS headquarters in Western Manbij, that has been for long used by the radical group as a command centre and logistics hub, the US-led coalition said on Tuesday.
Human shields. The civilians' dead are more caused by Daesh. When it comes to ending war the last battles are the most difficult. The SDF need to answer the people as well as any international human rights group.
“The Da’esh headquarters, located in a hospital, was being used as a command center and logistics hub. The SAC [SDF] also seized a significant amount of the city during the operation, which provided civilians the opportunity to escape,” the coalition said.
According to the coalition, the SDF forces continue to fight ISIS on four fronts within the city of Manbij, “carefully clearing territory toward the city center while ensuring the safety of any civilians who still remain,” the coalition said....

So, is Daesh dead? Maybe. There is a report of a helicopter shot down in Libya with two French soldiers dead. As the land available to Dae'sh in Syria is very limited now. There are still battles on going in the country and in Iraq, but, the war is being won there. The worst of Dae'sh ran from Iraq and Syria into Libya. The refugees coming into the Greek islands are telling horrific stories at the hand of Dae'sh. 

July 19, 2016
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (click here) says Islamic State fighters in Libya are facing the "distinct possibility" of defeat in their last stronghold and are likely to scatter elsewhere in the North African country and the region.
The UN chief said in a new report to the UN Security Council that member states estimate there are between 2,000 and 7,000 IS fighters from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Mali, Morocco and Mauritania.
Ban says one member state recently reported between 3,000 and 4,000 IS fighters in Sirte, the extremist group's last bastion along Libya's northern coast....

It was an illegal and immoral war. It is about time people wake up to that reality.

20 July 2016
Washington (Sputnik) — Tuesday’s announcement (click here) came on the eve of a pledging conference in Washington, DC that is co-hosted by Canada and includes Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States.
"With this pledging conference, the international community has rallied to demonstrate its continued support for Iraq and its commitment to meeting the ongoing needs of the Iraqi people, especially women and youth," the release explained.
Canada’s latest pledge is part of a $1.6 billion commitment to Iraq and the region that was first announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in February, the release noted....

Remember how "W" and Cheney stated Iraq with it's oil income could pay for all the country's bills. Right? What happened to oil? Hello?

19 July 2016
The Iraqi government has announced (click here) a two-day mandatory official holiday beginning on Wednesday due to a heatwave.
A statement issued by the Iraqi cabinet said temperatures were expected to soar above 50C (122F). It is the first heat advisory issued by the Iraqi government this summer.
The public holiday will apply to all government workers.
High temperatures in summer are common in Iraq, and endemic electricity outages make life harder for Iraqis when temperatures soar. To cope with the heat, Iraqis either stay indoors or swim in rivers. In some public places, showers are set up for those who want to cool down.
It is not uncommon for such public holidays to be declared when heatwaves hit during Iraq’s long, hot summers.

19 July 2016
By Robert Mendik
Taxpayers will be obliged to pay (click here) all Tony Blair’s legal bills if he is sued by the families of soldiers killed in Iraq.
The former prime minister is covered for all court costs – including possible multi-million pound damages – related to allegations that he abused his power to take the country to war.
Families of dead soldiers planning to sue Mr Blair have launched a public appeal to get their legal case off the ground, and in less than 24 hours, raised more than £50,000  enough for lawyers to start work on the case....

Congratulations to Donald Trump on becoming the Republican Party nominee.

It is a Tea Party Convention. Family are at the center. The only speakers that haven't been rhetorical are the real people including Donald Trump's family. All Paul "no clue" Ryan proved yet again rhetoric is the only way forward. Could you imagine how completely boring an establishment Republican convention would be. At least the delegates actually have dialogue to hear rather than applauding on cue.

I know that is the problem with the American who is used to hearing only rhetoric of talking points. How do people think if they only hear phrases. This should be a welcome change for the Republican Party, they actually have to pay attention to think abput what was said.

No more wind up politicians in the Republican Party.

I saw a report that Sarah Palin was at home with her son, a continually struggling veteran. I hope he is doing better.

Europe is a bit behind the security paradigm because they have been relatively safe up to now.

Great Britain is further along in their domestic security infrastructure primarily because of it's participation in the Iraq war and earlier attacks on a bus and train. But, once the infrastructure is created, the attacks diminish and are thwarted.

The issues with domestic terrorists is important and the infrastructure makes the difference. In cutting spending on domestic and foreign intelligence is absolutely stupid. The infrastructure is successful and should be maintained and expanded, both within the USA and with it's allies. 

Why expand it? Because our allies aren't within the zone of safety with a huge influx of people from war torn areas such as Syria.

It seems odd to me Germany of any of the allies is having a problem. It was Germany that discovered Mohammad Atta before the September 11, 2001 attacks. Is Germany slipping a bit or does it's infrastructure have to be beefed up to cover the immigrants and refugees from a war zone.

The information provided by Germany before the September 11, 2001 attacks by al Qaeda were ignored by the USA. While intelligence is important, there has to be leadership that takes it seriously.

July 19, 2016
By Melissa Eddy

Wurberg, Germany — The Islamic State (click here) claimed responsibility on Tuesday after a 17-year-old Afghan who came to Germany as a migrant attacked passengers on a regional train with an ax before he was killed by the police, a development that is likely to intensify fears that the huge influx of migrants poses a security threat.

The announcement, in a bulletin issued in Arabic and English via its Amaq News Agency, came after German authorities said that investigators had found a hand-drawn flag of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, in the room of the Afghan teenager, along with notes in Pashto indicating that he might have been self-radicalized.

Approximately 1.5 million migrants have applied for asylum in Germany in the past 18 months, but the enthusiastic welcome they initially received has given way to one of increasing concern as the euphoria of generosity is overshadowed by the difficult reality of integration....                        

Ms. Joni Earnst is the Republican that fell on her face yesterday evening at the RNC Convention.

To begin with the speech was lackluster. But, then Earnst laid out a myth that was to insure new rhetoric would be spun by someone, anyone. It was a gamble with odds like the slots in Vegas.

"...the FBI has said Isis is in all 50 states..."

Last night was a chance Ernst could have made a great speech to launch herself as a potential presidential candidate in the future, but, instead she can now be called "Earnst, the Spin Queen."

"This is sort of the new normal," Comey said in July after announcing the arrests of 10 people believed linked to Islamic State plots, including some suspected of planning attacks to coincide with the July 4 holiday.

That was a statement by Director Comey last year. What is ignored in the comments is the fact there have been successful arrests and prosecutions of Daesh sympathizers since it became a terrorist group a year or so ago. There have been plots against the people of the USA since September 11, 2001. The SBIs across the country have been picking up threats and short of a few domestic terrorists that have killed Americans within the country's borders the threat has been stopped.

Ms. Earnst makes a wide sweeping statement as if the country's intelligence doesn't work and it is up to the citizens to defend itself. That plays into Republican rhetoric demanding small government. The facts are clear, the FBI and the SBIs have been finding and prosecuting threats successfully. If government were as small as the Republican federal budgets would make it, Americans would have a profound problem.
July 19, 2016
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of north and west hemisphere (click here)

There is a storm that spawned near Hawaii in the past 12 hours. It is currently causing "Gail Warnings" and "High Surf" warnings.

It may become a circulation center and a tropical depression or more. The people of Hawaii should be aware of rapidly changing weather.