Wednesday, January 27, 2010

President Obama spoke for the people.

He covered a lot of ground. There is time to debate the merits of all he covered, but, one thing is completely clear, he is not a fan of Congress as much as Congress is a fan of his. He also is setting up the agenda of transparency as a defense for his initiatives. I am not one that needs to see every detail that occurs, I trust him.

He is delivering on campaign promises and that is very important. No one should stand in opposition of promises delivered. He was elected with a mandate and it is completely obvious he intends to deliver. There is no reason why the change he promised cannot be delivered to the people of this country by Congress, it enjoys a substantial majority in both houses. It was the result Americans worked toward during the years of Walker Bush. It is time for Congress to move the agenda forward. Failure won't guarantee them a place in victory or history.

I watched the Republican response in the grandstanding performance of McDonald. He stated nothing but rhetoric with no substance or policy. So, what else is new?

Tomorrow then.

Freedom of Speech - there are two additional entries to "The Hate Zone"

Americans have to stop treating their 'Freedom of Speech' as if it is a Trojan Horse.

The Murdoch news network is nearly NOT a news agency at all. That is the truth. It has morphed into 'The Education Channel" for the politically disgruntled. The commentators attempt to try to 'reorient' folks to a new reality so they can abandon the election of 2008 for some idea of Paradise if only they knew what they know now.

It would seem as though if one can only understand what they did wrong when they pulled the lever for President Obama the next time things will be so much better.

It is amazing how desperation works to create ways to 'entertain' the political public.

The thing is this, there is no reason to turn sane people into raving maniacs for the sake of saving a Party of the Past, namely the Republicans. Yet, the FCC allows this to continue. There are ways of having Freedom of Speech in mass media without having deceptive practices.

There is a commentator with FOX named Glenn Beck. He isn't worth the time of day, quite frankly, yet he carries large ratings of viewership. He called President Obama the equivalent of Hugo Chavez. He did it in an attempt to defame the President of the United States of America. One could say he is simply brash and speaking the truth, but, that is not even a remote version of the truth. It is a blatant lie and complete deception.

1 + 1 does not equal 2 here and that can be proven in many, many ways. Including academic methodologies of 'logic.'

The Federal Communication Commission needs to begin a process to eliminate legitimacy from programming that is outside the boundaries of 'news worthy.' The Murdoch Media organization does not care about the quality of journalism, so much as the profitability of it and the influence of it.

Murdoch actively defames people and other news agencies in insidious ways that cause a great deal of damage to the people and entities they attack. That damage is wrongfully absorbed as a learning experience and the nation moves on leaving human wreckage in its wake.

The people targeted in this administration are minorities. The President, Van Jones and the latest Erroll Southers. The methods the Murdoch media uses is chaos. The reason Mr. Jones and Mr. Southers withdrew from assisting this nation for the Obama Administration is because they stated the backlash from some of the media would make it impossible to conduct their jobs.

Murdoch is crippling the USA government. They are doing it deliberately.

As an example in stark contrast is CNN. They accept the 'idea' that good journalism matters. They venture into uncharted territory, but, they do it with moral content. Their most recent venture has been in tracking 'The Stimulus Dollars.' They learned from their venture and they are reporting a very interesting reality. They found out that simply reporting the large amounts of money spent by The Stimulus as opposed to the number of jobs created isn't enough. I am confident they did not venture into these realities expecting to learn what they did either.

This morning in 'Tracking the Stimulus' they found very interesting trends in spending. Rebuilding the USA in supplying monies does make a difference in people's lives. They report the opposing points of view from the very people that hold those views. In reporting on The Stimulus spending they have found that is takes a lot of money to create even one sustainable job.

The point is that professionalism should be upheld by the FCC. Professionalism should be rewarded. Accuracy in reporting has been a bastion of journalism that brought it to the forefront of what is worthy about democracy. By allowing flamboyant 'performers' the legitimacy of the 'name' journalist is to degrade the profession and allow the American people to be not only deceived but also deprived of the expertise needed in difficult times.

Both Mr. Jones and Mr. Southers should be working for this nation and carrying out their responsibilities. President Obama brought some of the best minds in the nation to assist this country to recover from gross neglect and deceptive practices of its past administration. That expertise is being denied this nation by chaotic content that prevents the nation from moving forward. I blame the FCC for the allowable content of Murdoch's directives and their preceived legitimacy.

If one watches FOX's competitors there is a healthy mix of news content with commentary. There is engagement of varying points of view. There is significant expertise as well.

In observing the Murdoch media consistently for days now, it is amazing to realize how degraded and degrading this network actually has become. They embarrass themselves in allowing their quality to be so diminished for THE PURPOSE of creating chaos rather than 'ordered thought.'

Mao Zedong and Hugo Chavez are not the best references a commentator can refer to, but, are quite the opposite. Giving legitimacy to those that would see this nation derailed for their own reasons is suppose to be a function of the USA government in protection of its citizens.

FOX is not about Freedom of Speech. It is about exploitation of fear. That is not journalism, it is not even entertainment. The FCC needs to pick up the slack of defining what 'media agencies' sell to the public and how they sell it.

Comparing Mao and Chevez to modern day democracy as if there are undermining elements at work to destroy the USA is extremely poor logic. There is nothing wrong with looking at other governments and other decades of history and examining how far we have all come and how progress sincerely works. There is however something very wrong when our social fabric is propagandized to believe the public cannot trust themselves in selecting a government of, by and for the people.

The FCC needs to give me a break here. Murdoch's idea of fun isn't healthy for the country or the profession of journalism.
The truth is the truth.