Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Bush / Cheney War of Choice into Iraq will never be repeated.

The No Fly Zones stop mass killings of the Libyan people.  They can stop tanks and planes. 

In my opinion, the best way for the Libyan people is to divide the country in half and allow a 'No Man's Land' where nothing crosses unless it is the Gadhaffi military. 

The Libyans in eastern Libya can begin to build their nation. 

Libya appears to be a nation divided anyway.  No different than Iraq is a divided nation by ethnicity.  There are those in Libya that seek to be an independent state with democratic processes and there are those that rather be ruled by their dictator.  So, let there be two Libyas and continue to stop Gadaffi from killing his own people no matter where the strikes seem to break out.  When the tanks are no longer safe and the planes can't fly, the Libyans loyal to Gadaffi will get the idea and it will end.

The United States of America will never have an 'oil war of choice' started by lame excuses, such as WMD or liberation causes.  The costs to the civilians is too great and the result is always disasterous.

The United States of America lost the war against al Qaeda.  It was diverted to Iraq and when we returned to finish what was begun the corruption due to a 'poppy culture' that was never stopped under Bush / Cheney had spread too far. 

The myth that the USA can fight two wars at once is over, the war against al Qaeda was lost by the Bush / Cheney Defense Department.  It was lost the minute Halliburton's oil fields became a priority in Iraq.

Until tomorrow...

"Gadaffi must go." It is not a battle cry. What was he suppose to say, "Atta boy."

This is the reaction of a Libyan rebel after a successful attack.  What are we doing to these people?  They want democracy, not mutual hate.

President Obama wanted Mubarak to leave as well.

These pictures appeared on Yahoo.  The picture to the right is that of an armed Afghan National Soldier.  Is that what the Libyan people want?  Is that what we want for them?  I don't.