Wednesday, June 03, 2015

I don't watch these programs, but, that doesn't mean I can't comment.

USA Today has a timeline. 

March 2002: (click here) The 33-page police report reveals that Jim Bob Duggar tells police his son admits he fondled the breasts and genitals of several victims while they were sleeping in the family's home, and that similar incidents happened four to five times....

I don't need a timeline to comment on this upsetting reality. Tangential to this sexual abuse of a 5 year old girl by a brother 10 years her elder is very disturbing, however, what is more disturbing are the large number of children in the family. 

Nineteen are a lot of children and this is the year 2015 and not early 1900s where women and men had little option for birth control. Most women's rights activists and feminists identify repeated pregnancies as sexual abuse. Why? Because we know for a fact that when a woman has many children her wellness suffers along with her quality of life. 

While every American is going to look at this family and say how incredibly wonderful they love children; the choices they made are odd. There are not that many families in the USA with 19 children. Not even Roy Rogers and Dale Evens had 19 children. I do know for a fact there are women in Appalachia that have had 21 children, but, that was not the everyday house frau either. Even in Appalachia.

So, considering there were 19 children and the Mr. and Mrs. had their hands full I am not surprised sexual abuse between siblings occurred. 

The media seems to have a difficult time calling this what it is. I have heard words such as pedophile. That is not correct. Pedophilia (click here) is usually affiliated with stalking and other aberrant behavior such as watching films and collecting pictures, etc. This is different. This is a brother taking advantage of a sister that is in close proximity. It is not a love relationship exactly although feelings of that may exist and give permission to the brother, but, this is a familial circumstance.

What if we call it sibling sexual abuse? There is such a thing and it is about power, not sexuality 

...What are the effects of sibling sexual abuse? (click here)

Sibling sexual abuse is often very harmful for the following reasons:

Because the siblings live together, the victim may feel pressured and trapped by the abuser over a long period of time. This pressure usually includes bribes, sexual stimulation or physical force. For example, when you allow your oldest son to use physical punishment when baby-sitting, he may continue to use both physical abuse and threats to make sure his younger siblings keep the sexual abuse secret. This kind of pressure can break down the siblings’ self confidence.

The victim usually begins by trusting the abuser because they are siblings. When this trust is violated, the victim feels betrayed by that brother or sister, because someone they expect to love and care for them is hurting them. In addition, your younger children would naturally trust you to choose a safe, kind person to take care of them. When the person you choose abuses them, the victims feel betrayed again, this time by you. They may even believe that you think the abuse is all right....

This form of abuse is about opportunity and not persistent pursuit. What bothers me about this is the fact it happened and there is an incentive to ignore it. It is not unusual for parents to look the other way even if they know it may be a possibility. No parent necessarily wants to confront that reality and admit to it. So, from my perspective this is a family problem whereby the parents are in therapy with the son and daughter(s). 

There is a lot wrong here and a reality television show isn't a good idea for the mental health of the children. A reality television show tells the children they are exceptional and normal. They won't go against that image because it is the emotional place where everyone lives including the parents. I think this family is what is coined as dysfunctional for many reasons. But, there are many dysfunctional families in the USA and they may relate to this mess. 

Me? No, thank you. 

"...there is always someone carping on the sidelines...."

I am so happy there are champions for justice and the law. It doesn't matter how slick Jeb Bush is or can be; the truth is out. The American people can now look at actual words and actions and decide there is a degree of criminality in his campaign. It can't be erased.

The problems with our election system is that it is constantly bombarded by entitlement defined by money in large amounts. The real political system is drowning in the sea of corrupt money. The Supreme Court made corrupt money legal. Where does this stop? 

I sincerely appreciate everyone along the way that has upheld the dignity and integrity of the USA election system and laws. I think everyone is great. Thank you so much.

June 1, 2015
By Alexandrea A. Bogunn

While most of the Sunday (click here) political news shows ignored accusations that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) may be unlawfully coordinating with his super PAC, CBS' Bob Schieffer asked the prospective presidential candidate if he was "violating the spirit of the law."

Bush has recently come under scrutiny for coordinating with his super PAC, Right to Rise. As the Washington Post reported, "Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center -- sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch [on May 27] asking that the Justice Department investigate whether Bush and his PAC 'are engaged in knowing and willful violations of federal campaign finance laws.' The groups are calling on Lynch to appoint an independent Special Counsel to investigate potential violations."

In a May 31 editorial, The New York Times editorial board endorsed the idea and urged the Justice Department to get involved, describing Bush's relationship with Right to Rise as "brazen," and "cynical" and noted that Bush is "obviously" running for president:...

Neighborhoods need police officers that can carry out good police work and have the admiration of their peers for exactly that reason.

Officers are confused about their jobs?


The police arrested in Baltimore allowed the death of a young black man. Freddy Gray wasn't shot. He wasn't a threat to police. He had a bulge in his pocket that turned out to be a small knife. He wasn't even using the knife. He was arrested with his feet bound in a contorted position and then put in a van without a seat belt. He sustained a broken neck and died.

There is confusion about that?

Don't be a cop then. If a police officer can't stand up to a peer and/or a subordinate and do the right thing, then neither police understand the law or human rights.

We'll wave as you walk away! 

Quality policing is not the issue. Cops that don't care about the people they police ARE A PROBLEM. When police kill and abuse people without due restraint and people are denied due process the cops are creating their own problem. 

In causing their own problem and they continue to kill as in Albuquerque, New Mexico in to double digit numbers of homeless and/or mentally ill, the cops are causing problems for the city and the tax payers. They should have their shields removed and imprisoned for the deaths they cause. 

The police, the city's administration, the police administrators and a judge ARE THE PROBLEM in Ferguson, Missouri.

A badge. A job that pays six figure salaries. They are NOT qualifiers for people that can actually conduct police work. 

Unions? Police unions that play word games in court and pretend their wayward members are perfect and above reproach are not needed either. Unions that recognize THE TRUTH and police that can't cut the mustard and respects human rights and THE LAW are welcome at the bargaining table. 

Police officers that know their job and know their people, respect the law and human rights are badly needed in the USA. Police are valuable. They are priceless when they are great cops. But, to have a person dressed in a uniform and kill because they can while they lie about the a crime should be fired and held responsible for the deaths they caused without reason. 

No one expecat police to die in the line of duty. We all know their jobs are not easy. We know their guns are important to them. We know they need protection such as body armor and bullet proof windshields. We expect the great cops to do the job they know better than anyone else. We expect them to protect their lives. But, great cops don't kill for no reason. They talk people down from a scenario that will end badly. When they kill, it is because they could not avoid it. There are police that fit that category and we as citizens value them above any expectations otherwise. But, we don't need cops that kill and cause injustice in their work and result in problems in the neighborhoods they patrol. 

We don't need those cops and they need to rethink their life strategy. 

The Albuquerque Police Department are looking for the person responsible for the shooting of another man. Anyone with information should contact them and bring safety to the streets of Albuquerque and justice to the person that sustained a life threatening gun shot.

June 3, 2015
By Chelo Rivera

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE)The Albuquerque Police Department (click here) is investigating the shooting of a 26-year-old man at the intersection of San Pedro and Central Tuesday night.
They say they were called out there just before 10:00 p.m. by an anonymous caller. When they got there they found the man, whose name hasn’t been released, bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest.
He was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital in critical condition.
Police are asking anyone who might have information to call 242-COPS.

Governor Scott Walker wants to imprison physicians that treat women's health.

June 2, 2015
By Dana Ferguson

...Under the bill, (click here) doctors who perform an abortion after 20 weeks in non-emergency situations could be charged with a felony and subject to up to $10,000 in fines or 3½ years in prison. The committees are expected to vote Thursday. If passed, the bill will be taken up by the full Senate and Assembly as early as next week....

...Senate President Mary Lazich, R-New Berlin, argued in the hearings that 20-week-old fetus can feel pain. 

"The medical literature is exquisitely clear that the structures exist (that allow a fetus) to feel pain at 20 weeks," said Dr. Donna Harrison, executive director of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists.

But Dr. Tosha Wetterneck, speaking on behalf of the Wisconsin Medical Society, said that research is inaccurate. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has said evidence suggests that a fetus can't experience pain until the third trimester begins at 27 weeks.

As written, the bill doesn't provide an exception for pregnancies due to rape or incest and requires that physicians performing abortions in situations in which the mother's life is in danger do so in a way most likely to ensure the child's survival....

That is outrageous. Women cry for the children they lose during pregnancy, but, never would anyone expect a woman's life was disposable. This is way over the line. An adult woman's life is less important than her fetus. That is simply outrageous. 

Now, Wisconsin is playing god. 

If an adult woman dies because the physician was first attempting to save the pregnancy; that is murder.  

The age of majority is 18 years old. Anyone under that age that wants an abortion should be able to obtain one.  

This law states it wants the child as a higher priority than the woman. What happens when a child is pregnant? 

Like I said, the political rhetoric stating the USA should have keep 10 thousand US troops in Iraq, is fraudulent.

November 16, 2008
By Campbell Robertson and Stephen Farrell

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s cabinet (click here) on Sunday overwhelmingly approved a proposed security agreement that calls for a full withdrawal of American forces from the country by the end of 2011. The cabinet’s decision brings a final date for the departure of American troops a significant step closer after more than five and a half years of war.... 

I don't want to hear the hate speech about how President Obama is a weak president.

Lindsay Graham has been in Washington, DC for a long time. He was their throughout the Bush Administration.

Senator since 2003 and a US House Representative from 1995 - 2003. He was there in the US Senate through the entire war in Iraq.

Don't complain about test scores if the classrooms are out of control !

June 2, 2015

A Florida science teacher (click here) has been suspended for running a signal jammer to prevent his students from using their cellphones in class.

School board members in Pasco County approved Dean Liptak's five-day, unpaid suspension on Tuesday. Liptak didn't contest the decision.

Officials say Liptak activated the jammer in his Fivay High School classroom from March 31 through April 2. He later told a school district investigator that he never intended to cause problems. He said he thought the jammers were allowed as long as they were not intended for malicious purposes....

The teacher provided his own computer jammer to insure the curriculum could be taught. I don't want to know about poor test scores when Florida schools don't even adopt policies to facilitate learning.

This is Rick Scott. No control over freedom of speech. It is ridiculous and bizarre. What happened to the teacher's right of free speech in teaching his students?

Senator Lindsey Graham's analogy is fraudulent.

South Korea, Japan and Germany are not the Middle East. They were countries where a war was SETTLED with a peace agreement. That hasn't and won't happen in the Middle East. The USA can't even get Israel to sit at a peace table.

Where was the permanence presents in Vietnam when the USA pulled out?  

There is a video on You Tube that shows a West's video journalist recording from within the USA compound in Saigon. The North Vietnamese rolled into the compound very shortly after the President of South Vietnam appeared in the media and surrendered. 


They were Russian tanks. 

The people of the USA always think the USA left Vietnam to a group of barbarians. Not the case. The North Vietnamese had very powerful allies. 

The USA 'broke' Vietnam and we surrendered. The Vietnamese had to regrow their country from the ground up. Enough of the false analogies. Those analogies are based in politics, not fact and certainly not reality. 

The helicopters went into the ocean because the aircraft carrier had to keep the runway clear. There were a lot of helicopters in Vietnam.

This is roughly what occurs with CO2 in the oceans. I say roughly because there are other elements in the oceans and the temperatures are different in the upper and deep oceans.

2NaCl (salt) + H2O (water) + CO2 Na2CO3 + 2HCl 

The HCL is hydrochloric acid. It is what is acidifying the oceans. Now, there is nothing to say the changes will remain permanent.. That is not the case. HCL is ionic and interacts easily with the other molecules. When the CO2 density in the troposphere declines it can force the reverse reaction. The atmospheric air pressure works in this reaction as well. The molecules are 'active' differently at sea surface with 14.6 psi opposed to the deeper oceans where the pressures go up 'one atmosphere' every 33 feet down.

One atmosphere = 14.2 psi

There is nothing magical about 33 feet either. The pressure of the water can be felt immediately upon entering the water. At 33 feet a diver would finally be in water with pressure of an additional atmosphere, but, would be feeling increased pressure during the entire decent.

It is possible to clean up pollution on Earth. This is carbon monoxide. It takes the place of oxygen carried on blood.

...Carbon monoxide (click here) forms whenever carbon-based fuels—including coal, oil, natural gas, and wood—are burned. As a result, many human activities and inventions emit carbon monoxide, including: the combustion engines in cars, trucks, planes, ships, and other vehicles; the fires lit by farmers to clear forests or fields; and industrial processes that involve the combustion of fossil fuels. In addition, wildfires and volcanoes are natural sources of the gas....

This image is from the year 2000. The density of carbon monoxide is densest in the Northern Hemisphere. The areas between Africa and South America is where an air circulation conduit exists. 

...According to MOPITT, carbon monoxide concentrations have declined since 2000. The decrease is particularly noticeable in the Northern Hemisphere. Most air quality experts attribute the decline to technological and regulatory innovations that mean vehicles and industries are polluting less than they once did. Interestingly, while MOPITT observed slight decreases of carbon monoxide over China and India, satellites and emissions inventories have shown that other pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide have risen during the same period....
The image to the right is the same satellite image 14 years later. 

I want people to think about this for a minute. Carbon monoxide has a life of one month. Now, there was steady decline in the levels for 14 years which is noted on a graph at this website. 

Carbon dioxide has a far longer 'residence time' in Earth's atmosphere. As a rule it is in the troposphere for five years. When it leaves the troposphere it enters the ocean. In ocean water it can remain there for a century or more. People and governments need to decide their priorities and act to implement them as soon as possible, like, ah, yesterday. 

"Scientific Understanding of CO2" by the IPCC (click here) 

Europe is conducting it's own investigation. Interesting. Welcome.

Dig this, the mug shots before the actual mug shots are taken.

Attorney General Lynch stated something. 

Courage. She started courage. 

3 June 2015
By James Riach

Interpol (click here) has issued red notices, otherwise known as international wanted persons alerts, for the former Fifa executives Jack Warner and Nicolás Leoz as well as four sports marketing executives for charges including racketeering conspiracy and corruption.

Warner, the Trinidad and Tobago national and former Fifa vice-president, and Leoz, the former Fifa executive committee member and Conmebol president, have been highly controversial figures within the world game in recent years.

A statement said: “At the request of US authorities, Interpol Red Notices – or international wanted persons alerts – have been issued for two former Fifa officials and four corporate executives for charges including racketeering conspiracy and corruption.”

Warner was among 14 Fifa officials and other corporate executives charged by the US justice department last week, with American and Swiss authorities making seven arrests following a dawn raid in Zurich on Wednesday. This week a judge in Paraguay reportedly placed Leoz under house arrest for his alleged role in the corruption scandal....