This is part of the slippery slope of neglecting the growth of Small Business in the USA.  Incomes to necessary government through taxes paid by an expanding and growing private sector ARE LOST.  The effectiveness of government will diminish, there will be dirty water, poor quality air, unfunded and underfunded schools and universities, loss of essential services and the list goes on and on. 
Government is NOT the enemy.  The CONTRACTION of the USA economy due to obstuction by Republicans in the Senate is the enemy.  They abused their power to satisfy cronies in attempting to undermine the infrastructure of the state and federal governments and this is the result.  Who are you trusting with your children's future, IF, they are to have one.

The Republican 'idea' of an economy is a 'void' that continues to spin out of control and causes huge problems, not just small ones.  A bridge to nowhere is only an icon to a far greater problem.