Monday, March 28, 2011

United Nations Resolution 1973

The USA has a great President and we are a great nation.

I was suprised how much of what President Obama said could already be considered common knowledge.  We were well informed.  There were few surprises.

I was surprised to here Secretary Clinton would be meeting with the Libyan Opposition Leadership and allies in London tomorrow.

We have people that are coming forward as the leadership of the New Libya.  They are leaders of the opposition forces.  That is amazing.  To realize in such a short period of time we not only saved lives but provided for the confidence of Libyans to lead a new nation. 

It is only morally correct for our allies to come forward to lead the coalition in Libya.  The USA has engagements elsewhere.  It is very heartening to have allies that come forward to lead as well.  The American people becomes disheartened when they feel burdened with every military encounter before the Free World.  I really appreciate the allies we have and applaud their bravery and commitment.

President Obama is a remarkable President and I am proud of him.  He has raised the honor of the USA again.  Allies are coming to our side.  He exhibits the insight in regard to the challenges before us when reflecting on the freedom movement in the Middle East.  I am confident he understands the brevity and the scope to all that is occurring.

It was a great speech. 

I wish the Libyan people peace and hope.  Secretary Clinton should have a lot to say after her meeting with the New Libyan leadership.  It is an amazing time we are living through.