Monday, June 12, 2017

The reasons Republicans have for altering health care is nothing more than excuses. Example:

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The official government count of counties in the USA comes out of the USGS. This USA government agency has kept records of all the LINES ON THE MAP for the USA. The lines are part of the geography of the USA. 

There are 3,141 counties and county equivalents in the 50 States and the District of Columbia. They are categorized as follows:
3,007 entities named "County"
16 Boroughs in Alaska
11 Census Areas in Alaska (for areas not organized into Boroughs by the State)
64 Parishes in Louisiana
42 Independent Cities (1 in Maryland, 1 in Missouri, 1 in Nevada, and the remainder in Virginia)
1 District - the Federal District or District of Columbia.
This does not include Commonwealths and territories with what are generally county equivalents, which are as follows:
Puerto Rico - 78 Municipios
U.S. Virgin Islands - 2 Districts
Guam - 19 Election Districts
Northern Mariana Islands - 17 Districts
American Samoa - 5 Districts

One of the reasons the Republicans are seeking to destroy the Affordable Care Act is that 47 counties in the USA out of 3,141 entities named counties doesn't have a Medicaid Expansion choice.

June 12, 2017
By Sarah Kliff

...In these places, (click here) Obamacare's coverage expansion could vanish regardless of whether Congress passes a repeal bill. People with Obamacare subsidies would still, technically, get that help, but have no place to actually buy coverage.
Anthem announced last week that it would exit the Ohio marketplace, leaving 20 counties and 15,000 Obamacare enrollees with no 2018 option.
Anthem has been lukewarm on the 2018 marketplaces. Reports earlier this spring from analysts who follow the company said it was “leaning towards exiting.” But Anthem has decided to stick with a few marketplaces. An Anthem exit in the rest of the states where it currently sells would be devastating to the law, leaving 300,000 Obamacare enrollees without coverage.
When Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City quit on May 24, it blamed "the uncertain direction of this market."

The Affordable Care Act relies in large part on private health plans volunteering to sell coverage on these public marketplaces. There are not mechanisms in the law to force insurers to participate....
Once again the Republicans have proven to the country they don't give a damn about Americans AND they don't know what to do than revert to the past. Or should I say, they don't know what to do about their political rhetoric except revert to the past.

The Republicans are destroying the Affordable Care Act because 1.49 percent of counties in the USA don't have a provider of the Medicaid Expansion.


All of three states are having problems.


And they aren't all Republican states either!

Washington State, Missouri and Ohio are having this trouble. It is my estimation it isn't even that much trouble because the states with sparse providers are rural America. Of the three states with these issues, Missouri didn't even approve or participate in the Medicaid Expansion. The other states ONE Medicaid Expansion provider ARE NOT ACCEPTING THE EXPANSION IN THE FIRST PLACE. What right does a corrupt Republican Congress have to decide the well being of everyone in the country now receiving care through the Medicaid Expansion.


The Republicans have NO MORAL AUTHORITY to decide about the Medicaid Expansion because the states they represent don't care about their citizens enough to ever participate.

NO MORAL AUTHORITY is the motto of this administration and Congress.

The continued surprises of this Executive Branch and it's apathetic Congress occur because they have no moral authority for what they are doing. The Americans that elected them are as disillusioned by the acts of these people as the fact Trump won the election. 

The acts of the US Congress in PANDERING to President Trump are immoral and lack the will of the people!

Here we go again!

May 24, 2017
By Danielle Kurtzleben

The revised Republican bill (click here) to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act will leave 23 million more people uninsured in 2026 than if that act, also known as Obamacare, were to remain in place. The GOP bill would also reduce the deficit by $119 billion over 10 years.

That's what the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported Wednesday in its latest score of the American Health Care Act. The CBO's assessment shows that the deficit would fall and premiums would fall for some Americans, but the report also raises potential concerns about the bill. The agency reports that the bill could destabilize individual insurance markets in some states, leaving unhealthy Americans unable to buy insurance....

The US Senate bill is absolutely no better than the US House. No surprise there!

Who remains uninsured? (click here)

Most uninsured people are in low-income families and have at least one worker in the family.  Reflecting the more limited availability of public coverage in some states, adults are more likely to be uninsured than children.
People of color are at higher risk of being uninsured than non-Hispanic Whites....

The Affordable Care Act improved the lives of millions of Americans. There are only slightly more than 330 million of us, so the numbers are significant. Realizing in a country the size of the USA there will return double digit numbers of uninsured PROVES the lack of real focus on the people by this administration and the pandering Republican Congress.

The fact the majority of the uninsured will be minority citizens speaks even more clearly to the focus of this administration and it's pandering Congress.

They have no moral authority and I have to make the analogy of a degree of Apartheid. Citizens of the USA all get a Social Security Number. Now they are provided a SSI number at birth. But, within that Social Security Number not all Americans have the right to health care. Within that Social Security Number the majority of Americans without health care are minorities. If that is not a degree of Apartheid I don't know what is.

There is a freedom writer from the African Apartheid and a review of her most stirring book reviewed by the New York Times.

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1991 (click here) was awarded to Nadine Gordimer "who through her magnificent epic writing has - in the words of Alfred Nobel - been of very great benefit to humanity".

September 11, 1966
By Adrian Mitchell

...In attempting an almost direct assault, (click here) rather than the more oblique approach of her short stories, Miss Gordimer has taken a necessary risk, both in the social and literary sense. It is when she abandons precision for rhetoric that the book sags stylistically. Her protagonist cries: ''Oh we bathed and perfumed and depilated white ladies, in whose wombs the sanctity of the white race is entombed! What concoction of musk and boiled petals can disguise the dirt done in the name of that sanctity?''...

The wealthy in the USA rather tout their NEED to protect and control their wealth more than they could ever look into the world where their wealth came from and realize the impoverishment and hardship it leaves in it's wake.

It is "W"rong to mimic Republican administrations in the past by moving backward in time and excluding so many Americans, over 7 percent of the USA population, with a minority majority than move into the future and recognize the real need and address it adequately!

US Senator Bernie Sanders has the way forward and he should never abandon that path. The racism of the Republicans has to be dismantled and freedom returned to the USA.

The current Republican administration and pandering Congress is one alien of civil rights. There will be a return of bankruptcies and ONCE AGAIN the minorities of the USA will struggle to achieve wealth and maintain a path of impoverishment.

The Republican Party is an enemy to Americans, but, they can purchase the future.

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Einstein's Theory of Relativity wins the attention of scientists once again. The phenomena of bending light has existed from the beginning of the vast universe, but, this is the first time it was captured for scientific study and investigation.

June 7, 2017
By Nadia Drake

A Hubble Space Telescope picture shows what's known as an Einstein ring, when one galaxy bends and magnifies the light from a more distant one, as predicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity. Astronomers have now used Hubble to see light from one star being bent by another in an experiment the famed physicist himself thought would be impossible to perform.

...Recently, Hubble (click here) spied a dead star about 18 light-years away warping the light of a more distant star that appeared to pass behind it. Einstein predicted this effect would happen based on his general theory of relativity, but he then claimed scientists had “no hope” of actually seeing it.

Of course, he wrote that dour phrase nearly 60 years before humans launched a rather impressive piece of hardware into Earth’s orbit.

Now, Hubble has managed to witness the spectacle, and astronomers were able to read clues carried in the curved starlight and discern the mass of the dead star, called Stein 2051B. The result perfectly matches a prediction of the star’s mass made a century ago.

“I have been thinking of this problem for many years. We were not sure if we could succeed, but it was definitely worth trying,” says Kailash Sahu of the Space Telescope Science Institute (click here), lead author of a report describing the observation published today in the journal Science....

Just as a side note, the "Space Telescope Science Institute" is in Baltimore, Maryland and operated by NASA, not by Russia.