Friday, May 20, 2016

The world has never witnessed a greater fighting force. This is their lives. They don't peace, but, they long for it.

This is the kind of film that should be recognized for greatness at Cannes. There is only one word that describes this very special club, poignant.

I am more than happy this film was made. These are great people with a unique culture that knows no defeat.

May 20, 2016
By Peter Bradshaw

Taking the fight to Isis ... Peshmerga

Veteran French (click here) intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy was granted a late entry in the official Cannes selection with his absorbing and very well photographed documentary tribute to the peshmerga, the fighting force of the Kurds, battling to establish the state of Kurdistan across the existing states of Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey - and now the west’s newest best friends, our allies in the fight against Isis, or Daesh. Lévy’s film is here to remind us that Isis is not simply being fought by the cynics Assad or Putin.

Lévy and his crew travel with the peshmerga northwest along enemy lines – though never behind these lines, in enemy territory – across Iraq towards the Sinjar mountains, the site of a brutal Isis massacre in 2014. There is some gripping and scary battle footage, and with camera drones, Lévy gets some breathtaking birds-eye view shots of the cities and plains....

The Kurds have never known peace. The closest they have come to it was the No Fly Zone while Saddam was in power.

May 16, 2016
By Elizabeth McLaughlin

The fighters that ISIS (click here) fears the most wear lipstick, according to these troops. Some even let their long, braided hair fall out behind their hats.
They are the female members of the Zeravani unit, a branch of the Kurdish peshmerga.
The typically female attributes shouldn't detract from the fact that these women are prepared to defend their land from any invader, including ISIS.
ABC News met up with some of the Zeravani women during their training at a Kurdish base outside of Erbil, Iraq....