Friday, May 20, 2016

Fridays (the end of the work week) are probably a good day to review information I am looking for to assist with the Flint Water Crisis. I wrote five letters about two weeks ago because there was no information available to me through the local public library or the state library. Needless to say these are specific records I am looking for. To date I have not received a response, but, that is not unusual for this type of information.

I know the problems Flint is having are completely unjustified. Everyone concerned will keep their oars in the water and pulling to resolve the issue. I remain optimistic everyone involved will provide a good outcome for Flint.

Should the state library have the information I am looking for? It would nice and there are methods to have a file for these facts, but, libraries not only run on what should be kept, but, also on floor space and future needs. Today, many large libraries, public or private, have online access to professional records and journals. That was unheard of about a decade ago. The libraries prided themselves on owning the materials which added to their net worth. Today, the budget of these magnificent libraries require they only keep what is necessary and share resources and online communities of libraries that subscribe to such information. 

But, in the case of what I am looking for, the state library could have space for it. However, the libraries would view that information as best kept by others because it is a rare request.

I anticipate receiving the information.