Saturday, May 21, 2016

The New York Times needs to print a correction.

May 20, 2016
By Kareem Fahim Marc Santora and Nicola Clark

...Data that was transmitted (click here) from the aircraft to operators on the ground, published Friday by a respected aviation journal, revealed a rapid loss of control, with alarms and computer-system failures in the seconds before the plane was lost from radar....

It isn't the NYT fault. It was believed to be seconds when the data was first released, but, this event occurred over minutes, not seconds. It is not to say the jet was sabotaged, but, the event was definitely slower and most likely not a bomb.

The jet deteriorated soon enough though. I have to wonder what was going on in the passenger section of the jet. Did they know and were the oxygen masks deployed or was it the sudden jerking of the jet to the left before they knew something was wrong. In other words, what was the mental cruelty factor? Bombs in the past have breached the wall of the jet and rapid decompression occurred immediately. The passengers would have lost consciousness and not known their fate.

The picture tells it all. The survivors on the ground begin their suffering as those in the air end theirs. If this is terrorism, it was involving only others of the same faith. Some of the people arriving to the airport after the jet went missing were women dressed in their conservative religious clothing. This would be violence by Muslims against other Muslims. This is a terrible thing that has happened.