Friday, May 20, 2016

This video includes violent scenes and graphic language. (click here) It has been condensed from its original length but is otherwise unaltered. On Nov. 20, 2015, Chase Sherman was handcuffed and stunned with a Taser by two Coweta County, Ga., sheriff's deputies responding to a 911 call from his parents. He died at the scene. The body cameras worn by the deputies captured the episode.

Obviously the people in the car received more than they expected. Perhaps that is the real lesson. Police are worthless when the behavior of the person involved is not criminal.

Most people don't understand the electricity delivered by a taser.

...Physiological (click here) - When fired Taser delivers a sequence of very short high voltage pulses that result in the loss of voluntary muscle control causing the subject to fall to the ground or freeze. In the X26 the voltage peaks at 50,000 volts and when it reaches the body it is substantially less. The volts are responsible for delivering the amps. Taser runs off 0.0021 amps at average performance. 

To explain this in simple terms, volts deliver the amps to where they need to go. If you take the analogy of water flowing through a hose, the AMPS are the water and the volts are the hose. 

Amps can vary in size, to put this into context no more than 13 amps are needed to power a kettle. 32 amps are usually found running around a typical house. Two to three amps are enough to cause a person some harm. Taser runs on considerably less at 0.0021 amps....

That is probably more than most folks understand about electrical shocks. The police in this video over reacted to the person in the car. Let me say this to clarify the wrongful actions of the police. The other people in the car were screaming to stop using the taser. 


There was no threat to the police, there were several of them and the victim had handcuffs on. The people in the car including the victim were unarmed.