Friday, May 20, 2016

Search ships should be outfitted with sonar.

There is a search methodology that centers the search directly on the spot where the plane entered the water. Then run concentric circles further and further out to cover the Mediterranean Sea 100 percent. the Mediterranean Sea is a closed body of water with few options as to where the jet could be. The entrances and exists of the Mediterranean Sea is very small and the Straits of Gibraltar has rather odd water flow dynamics that would inhibit debris from entering the Atlantic.

The other dynamic that plays into this is the fact the jet is in water. There is movement of debris as I write this. That means as one search ship is moving from the center of the crash there should be another ship that traces those same waters 48 hours later. Basically, finding the jet is retraced 48 hours apart to determine where to look below the water.

The first search vessel leads the way in territory covered while subsequent vessels follows that same search area. They are deployed 48 hours apart and the number of ships needed is dictated by the length of the search.

Ultimately, when the search finds the debris there may be the need of a unmanned sub to determine the debris field.

I took for granted the ships searching have sonar. The USA Navy is right there in Italy. There were no American passengers that would automatically deploy the USA Navy. They may have to be invited to join the search.