Friday, May 20, 2016

It starts on Page 13. This jet has all kinds of buzzers, but, no fire containment.

Both engines and the APU each have two identical loops, A & B and a computer-FDU (Fire Detection Unit). A fire warning is given when both loops reach the proper overheat condition. If one loop fails the other loop is able to generate the warning by itself. A fire warning is given if both loops fail within 5 seconds of each other. There is a red disc on the aft fuselage to show thermal discharge for the APU fire bottle. The engines each have two extinguishers, the APU one. Engines have sensing elements in three sections; pylon nacelle, engine core and fan section. APU has sensing element in APU compartment....
 ...Total Fuel –A319/320: 42,000 lbs....

My mistake. From Facebook Pilots cite. 

Airbus A320 Pilots (click here)
October 25, 2012 ·
If there is an APU fire in flight the APU:
a. Will automatically shut down and the fire bottle will discharge.
b.Must be shut down manually and the agent manually discharged.
c. Must be shut down manually but the fire bottle will discharge automatically.