Friday, May 20, 2016

The Republican Party can't govern. They haven't governed for a long time now. They know how to pander to cronies, but, govern? When?

Donald Trump achieved his nomination without one big money donor. The only fund raising he conducted went to Veterans' organizations. Don't Republicans learn anything? No wonder they are an endangered species, they are hardwired to corruption.

The Republican Party, if that is it's name in the future, is not going back in time. This permanent change. Hopefully, the new political content grows into their power and a loyalty to the people rather than Wall Street.

A man that raises millions of dollars for Veterans' organizations has a heart for the people. The Republican Party was removed by the Tea Party. This is only the beginning.

No one can see that? The Republican Party hasn't existed since 2008. The only time Bush's Republican Party won seats was in off year elections because the voter turnout was down. Rove didn't win one seat in 2012. The facts are the facts.