Monday, March 06, 2017

Not the truth police? The President has an untrustworthy Secretary of Defense and no one tells the President?

Amazing. Comey needs to be replaced. I know there is a conflict of interest with AG Sessions and stupid PR claims by Trump, but, what is this mess with Comey? He decides to be loyal to Trump regardless of the threat to the USA with Michael Flynn, but, when he believes there is political fodder with Clinton it is "Game on." I don't trust him.

March 6, 2017
By Steve Benen

The day before Donald Trump was inaugurated as president, (click here) then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and then-CIA Director John Brennan wanted to tell the incoming White House team that Michael Flynn had been lying about his contacts with Russia. FBI Director James Comey disagreed.

As the Washington Post reported last month, Comey pushed back against the idea “primarily on the grounds that notifying the new administration could complicate the agency’s investigation” into Russia’s intervention on Trump’s behalf. Quoting a source familiar with Comey’s thinking at the time, the FBI director didn’t think the bureau should be “the truth police.”

“In other words, if there’s not a violation of law here, it’s not our job to go and tell the vice president that he’s been lied to,” the source said....

Comey is playing with power. It is a real heady game and I am sure he has no problem living with his political volleys either. I think he is a danger to the country. No, I take that back. Comey is a known danger to the country.

The lies about President Obama are an attempt by Trump to raise his polls. He loves polls. He ran with them in 2016. It is a stunt to bring President Obama into a national food fight.

I think President Obama can take care of himself.

The American people don't know what they have with Comey. We don't know what sort of priorities he has within the department either. Comey is a problem.