Thursday, May 19, 2016

Putting religious authority before the USA Constitution is a political agenda that should never exist.

The imagery of this movie trailer will call violence to bear. It is one of the most hate filled movie trailers I have ever witnessed. 

This movie trailer is not the USA, it is the manifestation of a crude man given power by propagandist media. It is horrible. The Duck Commander should have as much trouble finding a distributor as Fahrenheit 911 did with Disney. 

This film should be in the same category of the film that inspired riots at the USA embassy in Egypt. It is religious bigotry, plain and simple. It intends to create hate. It is highly inflammatory.

"Athens is very religious?" Athens was an ancient Greek city. The Greeks believed in many gods and goddesses. They were polytheistic. The Greeks are known through artifacts to have exited beginning 800 BC. 

It wasn't until the rise of the Romans that monotheism took shape. The monotheism that emerged from the Romans came after an extensive belief in polytheism. The Christians showed up later. A quick reference is when the Romans fed Christians to the Lions. Jesus was crucified on orders of a Roman governor. Monotheism had it's beginnings in Rome, but, took hold in Constantinople. The first emperor of the Roman City of Constantinople was Constantine I in 330 AD.

The quality of the information in this trailer is unclear. It is unclear because I don't at all understand where he is coming from. The analogies are bizarre. There is little to no social value to this film. It propagates hate.