Thursday, May 19, 2016

This is exactly how the last spy plane was captured.

A Chinese jet fighter went to intercept an approaching USA spy plane. The jet crashed destroying it and caused the death of the pilot who was a family man leaving a wife and children behind. The USA military actually expects the public to believe it was not at fault here? It was a spy plane and China is building islands. I think the USA military is guilty as sin.

Now apologize for alarming the Chinese and don't do it again. There are satellites that can do the same thing.

May 19, 2016
By Chris Buckley

Beijing — China rejected suggestions (click here) that its fighter jets flew dangerously close to an American surveillance aircraft and instead accused the United States on Thursday of threatening its security by regularly sending such flights near the Chinese coast.
A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the counteraccusations after the Pentagon raised concerns about a close encounter on Tuesday with an American surveillance plane, which the United States said was approached by two Chinese military jets that flew within 50 feet of it.
“American military vessels and aircraft frequently engage in surveillance in close proximity to China’s coastal waters, and this constitutes a grave threat to China’s security on land and sea,” the spokesman for the ministry, Hong Lei, told a daily news briefing in Beijing. “China requests that the United States immediately halt this kind of close-proximity surveillance, thereby avoiding the recurrence of such incidents.”...