Thursday, May 19, 2016

The jet was not blown out of the sky, but, it sure makes a great distraction to the missing documents about criminal conduct in the CIA.

Why is a mechanical problem not as serious an issue as terrorism?

It killed people and it is not an isolated incident.

It is amazing what people will say for money.

This is the jet. It was twelve years old. (click here)

November 19, 2016
By Bart Jansen

...The National Transportation Safety Board(click here) found that the plane's tail fin -- the vertical stabilizer -- tore off because the pilot put too much stress on the rudder by flipping it from side to side as he fishtailed in the wake of another plane. A half-dozen other flights have suffered problems with rudder movement causing high stress on tails, but without catastrophic results.

The board blamed the crash on the pilot's "unnecessary and excessive rudder" movement, which is controlled by foot pedals. But American pilots were trained at the time to use the rudder to deal with wake turbulence, so training changed across the industry in the years after the crash.

Now, the FAA has worked with the counterparts at the European Aviation Safety Agency and Airbus to install a flashing light and sound in the cockpit to warn against excessive rudder movement on A300 and A310 planes....