Thursday, May 19, 2016

It is very strange that authorities are so eager to believe a terrorist group when they claim responsibility for a global event.

The other jet, Metrojet out of Egypt was claimed by Daesh. They said they used a tin can with an explosive. Really? The IRS should trust everyone that much.

I think that is bizarre. These groups commit human rights violations and yet they are trustworthy above any reproach. I can imagine being a CEO of a company that has just experienced a 'slighting' of their company shield by some kind of global event and wiping my brow to realize some damn terrorist claims responsibility. 

Never once when a terrorist groups claims responsibility have I heard another state "That's a lie, we did it." Statistically, that should happen once out of a hundred or so claims of responsibility.

I still can't believe Airbus has a history of rudders that down jets and the ONLY change they made in the rest of their jets was to put a warning light on the pilots dashboard. What are the pilots suppose to do, say their prayers?

The Canadian fires were claimed by Daesh. That is a blatant lie. The Canadian tar sands surrounded by droughted land, no recovery of the land, but, instead the oil industry started to sink horizontal drilling platforms into the land after the tar sands were removed. That wasn't part of the deal. The lands were suppose to be restored and not further exploited. There needs to be an investigation to the operations of these companies within the Canadian tar sand. I think the fires started with methane leaks and once the oil caught on fire, the rest is history.

I was at a social gathering and most of the people were accepting the idea of Daesh's terrorist attack as the reason the jet went down in the Mediterranean Sea. The jet is not even found and already they are brainwashed to believe there are terrorists on the loose in their lives. That is sick.