Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Saudi Arabia is wondering who their friends are.

The surprise legal attack by the USA on the Kingdom isn't the only surprise Saudi Arabia has received. There is information Saudi Arabia learned about Iran's intentions to disrupt Haj and bring terrorism to this holiest of time for Muslims. (click here

If these facts about Iran are true, there is a reality Iran has not considered. Iran is a minority among a majority of Sunni countries. I am not sure Iran would even have support from Iraq's Shia.

October 2, 2015
By Reuters

Baghdad, Iraq — Iraq's most powerful Shiite cleric (click here) called for a global war against ISIS on Friday, a day after the prime minister said he would welcome Russian airstrikes against the group on his country's soil.
Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, who has a huge following and can often influence government thinking, was speaking through an aide after nationally televised Friday prayers.
"Battle with Daesh is destined for all Iraqis," said Sistani, using an Arabic acronym for ISIS. "But it's not their battle alone but the whole world, because terrorists target with their dark ideology all humanity, its culture and morals."...
The Grand Ayatollah al Sistani has always been a man of peace. Carrying out violence with Saudi Arabia could put Iraq in the middle of a war between the two countries.
Saudi Arabia has stated the security at the Haj will be substantial and people will be safe. What is concerning is the fact these terrorist attacks are stated to be involved directly with Supreme Leader. It turns terrorist attacks into an attack by a sovereign country.

19 May 2016 
...On trial are 30 Saudis, (click here) one Afghan and one Iranian, all accused of being members of spy cells related to Iranian intelligence. Evidence of a number of Iranian plots to target the peace and security of the Kingdom, create confusion and spread chaos during Haj has also come to light.
According to a report in a local publication, one of the accused had sent an audio message to the Iranian leader Ali Khamenei asking for financial support to set up a special Shiite center in Makkah. The center would instigate sedition and sectarianism, and provide key information about the Haj season to Iranian intelligence. The center would be helped by Iranian intelligence working with the OIC....
It is a serious statement by Saudi Arabia that the global community cannot neglect. It would seem as though Russia's influence with Iran is not as respected as Russia thought. There needs to be intense diplomacy to discern the facts and set limits on Iran to carry out such attacks.
Russia has to be instrumental to end any opportunity to take advantage of these reports to ignite a conflict in the middle east. Turkey is itching for a fight. Turkey is NATO. Nothing else needs to be said.
I remind NATO that Europe could have been infiltrated by jihadists out of Syria. This is not the time to increase tensions within Europe.
Iran has to be stopped, otherwise, there will be larger instability in the middle east, southern Asia and quite possibly weaker countries in Europe.

The USA Congress sure knows how to through a monkey wrench into the definition of ally.
19 May 2016
By Sabria S. Jawhar

The recent passage (click here) of a bill by the United States Senate that would allow the victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia for “damages” establishes a dangerous precedent in America’s relationships with foreign countries.

Although the bill, which comes 15 years after the attacks, still must be approved by the House of Representatives and President Obama has promised to veto it, the actions of the US government should provide the Kingdom with a valid reason to reconsider its relationship with the United States.

Saudi users of the social media have been particularly outspoken about the bill, which is more about money and personal interests than it is about democracy or justice. The hypocrisy is breathtaking, really, considering the immense damage the United States’ foreign policy has done to the Middle East. Iraq and Syria are in a bad shape and on the verge of disintegration almost entirely due to the US meddling in Iraq and its neglect of Syria, a byproduct of America’s failure in Iraq.

The United States continually flaunts its special status to remain above the law with its drone warfare and holding terrorism suspects without allowing access to due legal process.

But no one said that life is fair in the world of geopolitics and some countries enjoy the advantages of a thriving economy, a massive military and vast resources while smaller countries with lesser resources should be happy just to bask in the glow of their big neighbors.

The United States, however, is poised to shoot itself in the foot if this 9/11 bill becomes law....

I  am quite surprised at the number of US Senators willing to go along with this serious measure to turn loose attorneys on a sovereign country. I have trouble believing this is anything except a political hot potato. I may be wrong, but, with all those Senators in full agreement sounds more like politics than not.