Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 19, 2016
By Samantha Vicent

Oklahoma City — Oklahoma Department of Corrections staff, (click here) Gov. Mary Fallin's former general coPunsel and others failed to perform their duties properly during the January 2015 execution of Charles Warner and the aborted execution of Richard Glossip last September, a multicounty grand jury that investigated the agency announced Thursday.

The 106-page report prompted the attorney general and the judge in charge of the grand jurors to use terms such as “careless,” “cavalier” and “monkey business” to describe the actions of some state officials.

The report gives a scathing evaluation of the involvement of Steve Mullins, Fallin's then-general counsel, in Glossip's September execution attempt, with the jurors finding that he should have "resoundingly recommended" an immediate stay so the state could obtain potassium chloride rather than potassium acetate....

Potassium is an important molecule to healthy body metabolism. Potassium acetate stops the heart. The heart has a sodium - potassium pump (click here).

The problem in Oklahoma is the same as the problem throughout the country, there are no licensed medical doctor or nurse that will have anything to do with executions. The medical inconsistencies are because lay people are handling it and they think potassium is potassium. They could not tell anyone why potassium acetate is a poison and potassium chloride is not. 

I am not about to discuss the issue here. 

But, then what difference does that make, Mullins can just "Google it."

...The grand jurors noted that in an exchange over whether the drugs were interchangeable, Mullins told an assistant attorney general that he could "Google it."...

Amazing. Google can be the equivalent of the icon MD.