Thursday, May 19, 2016

This was issued by the FAA within that four year limit to Airbus flights.

This this aircraft fell apart in flight, that makes three aircraft known to have design flaws. If there was an explosion that simply means the fuel ignited due to lack of containment in tanks. The fuel if exposed to hot turbine engines can ignite.

The three incidents began with American Airlines 587, Air Transit 961 and now possibly Egyptian MS804.

November 19, 2012
By Bart Jensen

Airbus (click here) says it can install warning lights on the planes but says there's no way it can design and install equipment to limit movement of the rudder in four years.

The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered aircraft maker Airbus to update the rudder systems on 215 of its planes because of a fatal 2001 crash, but some industry officials question the remedy, and safety experts wonder why it took so long.

11 years is too long to conclude the cause the failure of a commercial jet crash.

The FAA rule was finalized almost exactly 11 years after the fiery crash of American Airlines flight 587 in Queens, N.Y., on Nov. 12, 2001. The crash occurred soon after take-off from New York's JFK airport New York's, when the Airbus A3000-605R's  tail came apart. All 260 on the plane were killed, as were five people on the ground.
The National Transportation Safety Board  found that the plane's tail fin -- the vertical stabilizer -- tore off because the pilot put too much stress on the rudder by flipping it from side to side as he fishtailed in the wake of another plane. A half-dozen other flights have suffered problems with rudder movement causing high stress on tails, but without catastrophic results....

12 March 2005
By David Rose

...Mercifully, (click here) the crew was able to turn the plane around, and by steering it with their wing and tail flaps managed to land at their point of departure in Varadero, Cuba, without loss of life. But as Canadian investigators try to discover what caused this near catastrophe, the specialist internet bulletin boards used by pilots, accident investigators and engineers are buzzing.

One former Airbus pilot, who now flies Boeings for a major US airline, told The Observer : 'This just isn't supposed to happen. No one I know has ever seen an airliner's rudder disintegrate like that. It raises worrying questions about the materials and build of the aircraft, and about its maintenance and inspection regime. We have to ask as things stand, would evidence of this type of deterioration ever be noticed before an incident like this in the air?'...

Egypt MS605 crash (click here) has the symptoms of terrorism, especially with the flight originating in Paris and heading to Egypt. It is a natural assumption and people want to brace for the worst. In the Transit 961 flight the pilots were able to regain control in order to land. The Transit flight experienced this rudder failure toward the end of it's flight. The black boxes are important to begin to understand what occurred with Egypt MS804. But, in realizing the real answer regarding AA587 occurred 11 years after the crash it is safe to say the black boxes are only the beginning. Airbus's answer of putting a warning light in the jet is hardly an answer. The jets have to be refitted with improved design or take the jets out of service.