Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The tensions have to dissipate before the convention begins.

May 17, 2016
By Phillip Bump

..."We write to alert you (click here) to what we perceive as the Sander [sic] Campaign's penchant for extra-parliamentary behavior - indeed, actual violence - in place of democratic conduct in a conventional setting, and furthermore what we can only describe as their encouragement of, and complicity in, a very dangerous atmosphere that ended in chaos and physical threats to fellow Democrats...

There was a time in 2008 when the candidate parties disagreed over numbers of delegates. There are procedures and if the Sanders' Campaign doesn't seek parliamentary procedure, they may lose far more than they think. 

A democracy is about bring out the truth and having rules prevail. Violence carries no rules to justify it.

May 31, 2016

By Michael Falcone

7:45 p.m. | Rules Wrap Up: After a nearly 10-hour marathon meeting (click here) of the Democratic party’s rules committee, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton came away with a total of 24 more pledged delegates, but today’s decisions on the seating of Florida and Michigan delegates fell far short of what her campaign had hoped.

In a blow to Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy, the committee voted to restore the delegations of both Florida and Michigan at the party’s nominating convention, but gave each delegate only half a vote.
One of Mrs. Clinton’s strongest supporters on the rules committee, Harold Ickes, left open the possibility of mounting a challenge to the Michigan decision by bringing the matter to the party’s Credentials Committee, the final arbiter of delegate disputes....