Tuesday, May 17, 2016

No one needs it !!!!!!!

All the dangers that exist with drought are worse when the lands are oil sands.

Besides having a higher risk of fire, there are the totally objectionable oil trains. It is the most hideous form of Wall Street profit I have ever witnessed.

Tens of thousands of people with disrupted lives. Insurance companies with plenty of payouts and now a hit on the Alberta economy. The money that poured into fire fighting in Canada and the USA is ridiculous and should be used for infrastructure, such as responsible alternative energy. Sending the national debts of countries higher, as there are no scheduled monies for emergency funds to the extent fires demand. Petroleum industry activities to secure ANY kind of income is an assault of the conscience and a danger, not a benefit, to the countries that allow such destructive agendas of wayward companies.

Oil sands destroy land and now lives. Fracking destroys the land permanently with earthquakes and contaminated air and water. 

Exploitation of the land such as the oil sands in Canada endangers the climate and the entire world. These fires add enormous amounts of carbon dioxide to the climate. These oil land mining is wrong and completely unconscionable. Canada needs to consider the degree the petroleum industry has disregarded the land, the people and the climate in the demand for profits at any cost.

Just because the petroleum industry doesn't recognize the climate crisis doesn't mean it does is a myth.

May 17, 2016
by Gillian Steward

As the wildfire raged (click here) and 90,000 people including kids, the elderly, and hospital patients were forced to flee from Fort McMurray on the only highway that would take them to safety hundreds of kilometers to the south, Canadians saw a very different city than they are used to.
It was no longer just a symbol, an easy target in the ongoing conflict between those who want oil to stay in the ground and those who see it as key to their livelihood.
Even just watching via television or iPhone the long lines of vehicles full of people inching forward as flames and smoke closed in was terrifying enough. I can’t imagine what it felt like to be in one of those vehicles.
Suddenly Fort Mac and the dozens of oil sands extraction plants that surround it were all about the people who live and work there....