Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I am not sure "Priorities USA Action" will be effective with the two ads they recently aired.

Anyone finds the words involved with the ad offensive. There is a very good chance all those funds will be spent on an ad people will simply silence or turn off. Once offensive language is used people rarely forget it. Then there is this.

Megyn Kelly is having interviews with Donald Trump and they are civil. He does not apologize to Ms. Kelly as he believes he was attacked on the debate she moderated. What may happen with negatives ads is a backlash against the organization SuperPac, the DNC and/or the Hillary Clinton campaign. People may get angry for the repeated insult to their intelligence. The ads seem like fingernails across a chalk board.

I believe it was Lawrence O'Donnell or someone on his program that stated, "Don't go into Donald Trump's court to compete, make him come to your's." I think the country has a lot of issues. I am sure I don't have to list all of them, but, worrying about Mr. Trump's weaker moments to bring about his agenda is not one of them. I think Hillary Clinton is doing exactly what she is suppose to be doing; answering attacks and promoting her policies. 

"Priorities USA Action" can certainly try this approach. But, they need to measure the effectiveness. The last thing anyone should want are voters turned off to the dialogue Hillary Clinton has and is creating since her announcement.