Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I don't believe this will effect turnout. The USA is making progress against POLLUTION of greenhouse gases.

I am both an environmentalist and a former union member and official. There is plenty of room for change that will support unions. The problems is not the environment for labor unions. The real problem is the draconian and victimizing "Right to Work" laws passed by Republican legislators and governors. 

Environmentalists in support of labor will call up the chronic attack on labor unions, including a recent 4-4 decision by the US Senate disabled Supreme Court. The split decision returned the case back to the appeals courts and Unions are upheld in their request for union dues written into a CONTRACT.

In all honesty, the only way the US Supreme Court could attack unions is to attack contract law. Not that at least four of the Justices didn't hesitate, it is just that activist judges don't both to realize the fallout of such silly decisions. When a Supreme Court turns contract law into a questionable document it isn't good for the country. Contract law is what American is built in between people, people and companies and between companies and government. 

Environmentalists believe in morality and there is a great deal of morality within labor unions. They uphold the middle class and provide a path for the poor to leave poverty behind. There isn't any environmentalist I am familiar with would ever deny labor unions are beneficial to good environmental outcomes. Higher pay and beneficial perks, such as health care with reasonable deductibles and copays, provides for an American that appreciates nature and our national parks. Leisure time saves nature when sportsperson groups and families enjoy the hard fought for work of every environmentalists. The two go together. Better pay means a better quality of life with plenty of room for a moral conscience.

The argument about pipelines belongs in infrastructure funding to replace the age old pipelines already a danger to nature and people. The KXL theatens every value Americans hold dear when it comes to Native Americans, endangered species and precious and productive land. The fires in Canada shows exactly what happens with drought and exposed oil sands. The KXL is as much a disaster in the making and everyone is far better without it. The Canadian oil sands should be re-evaluated after the Canadian fires. The oil sands are very dangerous no a warming planet.

May 16, 2016
By Jonathan Martin

Washington — Two of the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituencies, (click here) labor and environmentalists, are clashing over an effort to raise tens of millions of dollars for an ambitious voter turnout operation aimed at defeating Donald J. Trump in the November election.
The rift developed after some in the labor movement, whose cash flow has dwindled and whose political clout has been increasingly imperiled, announced a partnership last week with a wealthy environmentalist, Tom Steyer, to help bankroll a new fund dedicated to electing Democrats.
That joint initiative enraged members of the nation’s biggest construction unions, already on edge about the rising influence of climate-change activists. The building-trades unions view Mr. Steyer’s environmental agenda as a threat to the jobs that can be created through infrastructure projects like new gas pipelines.
The dispute, laid bare in a pair of blistering letters sent on Monday to Richard L. Trumka, president of the A.F.L.-C.I.O., underscored the tensions between the two pillars of the Democratic coalition....