Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Responsible government is defined in ending this ridiculous practices for profits. There is no lease that states this level of destruction is legal.

The air quality is horrible in this region of Alberta and promising to continue to be horrible. No pipeline it going to change this reality for Alberta. It is time to end the practice and fill in the holes in the land. The reclamation of the forests was suppose to protect from these fires, but, it only proves how completely irresponsible the petroleum industry is recording ridiculous profits since 2005, the gross change in irresponsible environmental laws (what environmental laws) that turned CEOs loose on the land.

May 17, 2016

Around 12,000 people (click here) have been urged to leave Canada's oil sands camps near the fire-hit town of Fort McMurray as a resurgent wildfire heads towards them.
A regional official told the BBC that 8,000 people were given precautionary evacuation orders late on Monday, in addition to some 4,000 who had already been advised to leave.
More than 80,000 people fled the fire that hit Fort McMurray two weeks ago.
Air quality in the Alberta city is still at dangerously high levels.
A reading on Monday found the level to be 38 - far exceeding the provincial index's most dangerous level of 10.
The vast fire had moved away from Fort McMurray but in recent days it has started to threaten the area again....