Wednesday, May 18, 2016

EPA Employee Misconduct

The Republicans on the House Committee and Oversight (click here) look forward to committing human rights violations.

Supposedly it is an advantage to the personnel managers at EPA to carry more brevity to a firing/discharge of employees committing misconduct The Republican on this committee want an additional tool to punish and not simply dismiss employees that have committed misconduct. That tool is to deny any and all benefits from employees being discharged from the EPA. No retirement, no resignations, only firings which would include refusal of all benefits including health care.

Mr. Meiburg, Acting Deputy Administer of the EPA states all those tools regularly exist and there is no additional regulations or laws necessary.

If a person is caught in issues that have accumulated to bring about discharge from the department, it needs to be a case by case basis as to THE BEST ROUTE for any employee to take, not simply throw them out on the street.

If a person has been a part of the federal government to qualify for retirement at the time they are dismissed, he or she should be encouraged to take that best route. If a person wants to resign because of a good work ethic, but, fell into disrepair of their political image or some kind of reputation issue, that resignation should be allowed and respected. 

Even if a person is discharged because of egregious problems resulting from work then the vacation time, compensatory time, sick time and all other benefits should be extended, including health care as a possible stop gap to economic tragedy.

The idea a federal employee regardless of rank, age or reputation should be thrown out on the street without any chance of protecting their private life is outrageous. This level of cruelty should never be a part of the USA federal government. Besides that it is a retention issue. Why should an employee leave a job to take a federal job, regardless the length of time, if the employee support system is this harsh on any perception of misconduct.

The other aspect this is to realize the Republicans effecting this change can leverage influence into an employees job performance and reputation to remove valuable employees without even a thank you. 

It is a good thing there are unions involved with public employees. Their needs for job security and personal security is far different than employees in the private sector. 

I find the advocacy by the Republicans on this committee to RUIN a person's life at the time they are discharged from the federal government. Employees should never be considered for ruination of their life when leaving the federal government. 

US Rep. Stacy Plaskett representing the Virgin Islands said it all, "Firing of employees should not be the only way federal employees are managed by the personnel departments." The ideas of these Republicans bring about the quality of human rights violations in the manner they want federal employees treated. They are simply outrageous. No employee should have their lives ruined because of their service regardless their political affiliations.