Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The best well informed Republican voter reads "People Magazine."

If he ran in 2000 and measuring his success today, we would not have entered Iraq.

"The Inside Story Of That Time Trump Almost Ran for President in 2000"

October 6, 2015
By Michael D'Antonio

Trump chronicled how he returned from near bankruptcy to a personal net worth estimated at $1.4 billion by Forbes Magazine in his book, The Art of the Comeback.

When we first met, (click hereat the start of 2014, Donald Trump was already quite sure he would seek the presidency of the United States. He offered two reasons. First was his antipathy toward President Obama, whom he had spent years trying to delegitimize with absurd questions about his citizenship. (“There’s so much about him that’s a lie,” Trump later told me.) Second was his confidence in the encouragement he received from social media. He noted that every day he heard from Twitter followers who were encouraging him to run and this support represented, in his mind, the pulse of the people....