Wednesday, May 18, 2016

One other thing about health care:

I strongly recommend complaints be filed when a patient receives a refusal of care. It begins (if there is time) with a referral to a company's grievance committee/process. Don't stop there if the refusal continues.

In very well respected health care companies the people making these decisions are Licensed Practical Nurses supervised by Registered Nurses. There are no physicians involved in these decisions with most of the current major insurancers. 

Demand a decision by a physician and when you do send a copy to the federal government as well as state insurance commissioners, US Representatives and US Senators. This practice is simply outrageous.

The reference to health plans that lead to refusal of care, is not about being paid for end of life decision counseling. These people are not facing end of life. The health care industry is misusing this authority and attempt to write a 'life plan' for their members. Once the life plan is decided, the decisions of the health care PLAN is then the blueprint and authority of which the companies stack their priorities. The companies want complete control so they can predict the future expenses and then decide on premium prices. The health care insurance industry is not willing to accept their members as they present health decisions.

These decisions are abandonment of statistics. Statistics is used by government to determine whether or not a health care insurance company is out of line in the defense of their premiums. The health care insurance CEOs are ending the possibility of liability and/or criminal outcomes if it can prove there was an agreed life plan.

HHS should publish annual statistics on all DRGs every few years. Record stats annually and publish as needed. Statistics is a legal designation that cannot be changed regardless of methodologies presented by companies. They are not allowed to determine the law.

Get rid of the counseling UNLESS it is ordered by the physician.

The physician order has to be reflected in the notes of a patient's medical record. Counseling in this case is very different than mental health counseling.