Friday, July 14, 2017

Lake levels (click here) on all of the Great Lakes remain above their long term July averages and last year’s levels. Lakes Superior, Michigan-Huron, and St. Clair have continued their seasonal rise in the past month, having risen 4, 5, and 4 inches, respectively.  Lake Erie is about 1 inch lower than it was a month ago, and Lake Ontario is 4 inches below its level at this time last month. Lake Ontario is 2 inches above its highest monthly average record for July set back in 1947.  In the next 30 days, there is expected to be little change on Lake Superior and Lake Michigan-Huron. Lake St.Clair, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario are expected to drop 3, 4, and 8 inches, respectively. 

See our Daily Levels web page for more water level information. Click the link above and find "Daily level web page."

The lake levels are higher despite the fluctuating daily changes.