Wednesday, January 04, 2017

What is being Jewish have to do with Chris Christi?

It seems to me the 'idea' the Kushners are Jewish is a bit much. It is completely irrelevant to the fact Charles Kushner was guilty as sin.

It seems to me Charles Kushner, his son and Donald Trump plays their Hebrew card a few times too often. I am not impressed.

Chris Christie is a Catholic. His prosecution of legitimate lawbreaker Charles Kushner was completely in line with the criminal justice system of the USA and he would have been completely remiss if he didn't prosecute Charles Kushner.

The Donald Trump camp is acting foolishly with petty superiority as if Chris Christie is having his career destroyed and his pride ground under Trump heel. BULLSHIT!

I have stated Donald Trump is a hubris candidate. The petty revenge by Donald Trump of Governor Chris Christie is below the integrity and dignity of the USA President. Chris Christie knows more about governance than most elected officials of the Republican Party. He played a vital role with Donald Trump in his run for the Presidency in his capacity of Republican Governors Association Chairperson.

Chris Christie needs to distance himself from the Tea Party. In the long run the pettiness of Donald Trump, his administration and his family are going to hurt everyone affiliated with them. The American people are not feeling as if petty hubris is valuable.

Chris Christie should find his footing and possibly return to private legal practice with a focus of a very nice wife and wonderful children. His opportunity will occur again. In complete honesty. Chris Christie needs to stay as far away from Donald Trump as possible.

The truth be known, Donald Trump's 'Bully Act' is a very distant second to the legitimate bully pulpit of Governor Chris Christie.

March 1, 2016

By Allison Kaplan Sommer

After dropping his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, (click here) New Jersey governor Chris Christie shocked the political world by endorsing Donald Trump – giving the maverick candidate his first real stamp of approval days before the crucial Super Tuesday race. It was a move that stunned and disappointed the anti-Trump GOP establishment, including Christie’s own friends and supporters. 

Christie said he appreciated Trump “as a person, and as a friend,” and Trump, in turn described Christie as his “friend for many years” and a “spectacular governor.”...

...In Christie’s early career as a successful New Jersey U.S. attorney, he arrested and charged Jared’s father, Charles Kushner, with trying to foil an investigation into an alleged illicit activity through obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

The case reached telenovella proportions and grabbed national headlines after it was revealed that the elder Kushner hired a prostitute to entrap his brother-in-law and sent the tape to his sister, Esther, in an alleged effort to stop her from being a witness against him in a civil interfamily suit. The sleazy move seemed fit more for The Sopranos than for the religiously observant offspring of a family that is a pillar of New Jersey's Jewish philanthropic community.

Christie subsequently negotiated a plea agreement with Ivanka’s father-in-law in which Charles Kushner was sentenced to two years in federal prison in Alabama, though he was released in 2006 after just 14 months to spend the remainder of his sentence in a New Jersey halfway house....