Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The Affordable Care Act provides for all Americans, not just the ones that want a menu of choices.

This news agency is based in California and so is the Kaiser Family Foundation that conducted the survey. California is among the states that have seen larger increases in their health care policies. If those with higher costs due to manipulations of doctors seeking greater wealth through the ACA still wants to keep the coverage, there can't be that much wrong with the ACA as it stands today. 

The Democrats have to realize this health care law is near perfect, except for politicos. If the Republicans want to shot themselves in the foot, don't get in the way.

There has to be a "Single Payer" system that addresses the chronically ill. That would create a specialized insurance that amply takes care of them with excellent care and good "Doc Fixes."

That is all that has to happen and the higher costs to average Americans will come down.

December 1, 2016
By Tracy Seipel

...The new survey, (click here) conducted by the Menlo Park-based Kaiser Family Foundation in mid-November, found that 49 percent of the public want to keep the law or see it expanded, versus 43 percent who want lawmakers to eliminate or dial back the law, commonly called “Obamacare.”
On the campaign trail and again at a rally in Cincinnati on Thursday night,  President-elect Donald Trump vowed to “repeal and replace” the law, which has insured 20 million Americans since 2014, many of them through an Obamacare provision that expanded Medicaid, the nation’s health care program for the poor.
Republicans, who now control both houses of the Congress, have voted dozens of times to repeal the Affordable Care Act since it was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010.
But post-election, according to the poll released Thursday, fewer Republican voters (52 percent) now say they want to see the law repealed, down from 69 percent in October. And 24 percent of Republicans now just want to see the law scaled back, up from 11 percent in October. The poll was taken after Trump told the Wall Street Journal and CBS’ “60 Minutes” three days after the election that he liked some key parts of the law....