Thursday, January 05, 2017

The discussions about the ACA are dense with misinformation. The misinformation can be linked for the most part with political speak.

The statements made by citizens on "Washington Journal" are about misinformation,  improving but keeping the ACA, grateful for closing the "donut hole," mischief by insurance companies (bait and switch), political speak (deliberate misinformation) and the usual complaint about people on subsidies and how they should be on "Workfare (which is more misinformation - most people on subsidies are already working; ie: minimum wage and lack of unions). 

Reports this year regarding the ACA shows increases in enrollment.

The Democrats could prove they are the answer to the shortfalls of the ACA. Formulate better policy for the American complaints. They could make strong arguments for improving the ACA and hang it around the neck of the GOP. The GOP do not have a clue, nor is their media any better. The idea the ACA needed improvements while keeping the aspects of the original LAW is not replacement.

The Democrats have always been "the people's party." They can prove they are the answer by highlighting the failure of Republicans to have an answer, except, to keep the ACA without an immediate answer to replace it.

The two states that have found the ACA good law without complaints and requests improvements are Kentucky and West Virginia. Hang the assault of the ACA around the neck of the GOP.

The Democratic politics should include the MISINFORMATION in their focus. Here again is confusion of the public, which is the GOP's politics, that were never necessary in the first place.

I find it very interesting that the people of a state such as West Virginia, which is transitioning into the 21st Century from old forms of energy, is finding the ACA important. The Democrats have been worried about transitioning economies of states dependent on energy sources, ie: Hillary Clinton. Realizing West Virginia is able to take of their people while rebuilding it's economy is a real hero's story for the Democrats.

President Obama has been the future of the USA in his administration for eight years. The RNC has no answer for the country, but, only have political speak that is REGRESSIVE.

The First Lady, Michelle has brought health as a focus in her change in school lunch programs and removing sugar from the diets of our youngest Americans. Between she and her spouse the health of Americans were enormously served.

The one area of the USA demographics that have failed in improving health were white men in their 50s. If one pays attention there is a strong influence of Republican political hubris in that failure. They eat without regard to important health concerns, including, smoking cigarettes and high fat diets. ie: Where did the idea of fried butter sticks come from? It is a problem that the Democrats can address as part of their political platform. At one time the country as a whole was very worried about cigarette smoking and high fat diets; the DNC should return to that platform and the lack of willingness of this population to change and deprive to a better longevity and quality of life.

The DNC also has a strong program in demanding enforcement of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. There should be real political focus on the failure of Republican governors to protect their citizens health.

The current Vice President-Elect was elected to Indiana governor in 2012. He found the ACA's medicaid expansion helpful to his state.

In January 2015, (click here) the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved Indiana’s amendment of its § 1115 demonstration, the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP). The amended waiver implements the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Medicaid expansion by building on the prior HIP demonstration. Beginning February 1, 2015, the new demonstration will cover nearly all adults ages 19-64 with income from 0-138% of the federal poverty level (FPL, about $16,242 per year for an individual in 2015) – an estimated 350,000 beneficiaries....

Cancer statistics in Indiana in 2012 (click here) include "Have No Health Care Coverage" responsible for 20.9 percent of cancers.

General Index to Indiana Cancer Reports (click here)

Democrats should also note there is a difference between incidence of illness, ie: cancer, and deaths by illness.

With the ACA there will be more reporting of incidence of disease opposed to deaths of disease. The reason for this because the ACA demands annual health screenings. The ACA is saving American lives by finding disease such as cancer and treating it. Americans will have better longevity and QUALITY OF LIFE because of the ACA and it's annual preventive screenings. 

The ACA and it's focus on prevention ALSO spurs medical research to find cures and treatments for disease. All and all the USA is beginning to experience better outcomes, including longevity and quality of life. 

It is the pride of Democrats to point to the ACA and their dedication to Americans.

Money isn't everything if one is not around to enjoy it. The ACA supports intact families.

"Death Rate by State" (click here)

"Cancer Incidence by State (click here)