Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Donald Trump will lose the trust of the USA. "Donald Trump, you are fired !"

Donald Trump cannot simply throw out USA intelligence and replace it with an agency composed of Julian Assange and Russia.

Julian Assange was not elected and Russia is not a USA satellite. The relationship the current President Elect has with these power players is grossly inappropriate while I am convinced FBI Director Comey purposely put his thumb on the election scale. Donald Trump has a great gratitude to pay to Comey, but, I don't see throwing out the USA intelligence agencies is the answer.

Donald Trump is not instilling confidence in the country AND especially him.

January 4, 2017
By Scott Shane, Maggie Haberman and Julie Hirschfield Davis

President-elect Donald J. Trump (click hereappears to side with the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over United States intelligence agencies, with Vice President-elect Mike Pence backing him up.

She’s hired: Omarosa Manigault gets a White House post, as do some notable Trump loyalists. But Mr. Trump is leaning on Republican veterans in the Oval Office’s top slots.

The president-elect finds something “very strange” about his intelligence briefing on Friday — even though the White House says it was always planned for Friday....

There are many instances I can list where I was more than annoyed at the performance of the USA intelligence agencies, however, to throw the baby out with the bath water is not what I call prudent. 

Sorry, but, at this point Donald Trump does not have the insight or experience to throw the agencies out. There is a learning curve for intelligence agents as well as a newly elected President. That learning curve cannot be dismissed when a new President is taking office. 

This rash approach is a worry no American can ignore. It is and has been my opinion when administrations are changing in the USA it is important to have the current DOD Secretary and Homeland Security Secretary remain for at least one year before they are replaced. It is a matter of the new President and his cabinet to come up to speed to protect the country and carry out national security.

As much as I find Comey necessary to replace, a new administration has to respect the agency and it's director for the service and loyalty to the country. They have done their jobs. There is no reason for them to be removed from their place in the national security structure. A year or two into the practice of the President would prove to have enough knowledge gathering and experience with these people to decide to remove them.

Julian Assange has created an incredible power machine that has removed the mystique of government. The people have come to understand their role better in their country to bring about the governance they are hoping for, but, to hold Mr. Assange as an ideal to the new intelligence is a bit much. Mr. Assange isn't even a USA citizen.

Whistleblowers take on a great deal of risk to bring a message to the public in hopes the electorate will move to change their outcome in elections. That is admirable and heroic, however, a stark revolution will bring about a great deal of instability in an economy and the peoples' own security.

Right now in the USA there is a greater danger in the country. Violence has increased. There is racism and hatred in ways no one expected when the primaries began. The country has changed it's character. It is a worry. To throw more fuel on that fire is not a matter of "let's go there and see what happens." Such profound destabilization allows huge holes for very dangers elements to begin a civil war. 

Is that what Donald Trump wants? A civil war in the USA to satisfy his White Supremacists? It would seem to be the case. I think Americans need to reassess their place in this circus and begin a far more serious approach to the stability of their country.