Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another ideological law. Why are the Republicans building walls if law does the job?

The USA Republicans do not recognize human rights in the way the rest of the world sees it. They don't think there should be water in the desert where illegal immigrants are crossing, etc.

July 29, 2015

(Washington, DC) – A proposed United States Senate (click here) resolution to support the criminal prosecution of migrants in mass, rapid-fire hearings would perpetuate unfair processes, at great human and financial cost, Human Rights Watch said today.
Senate resolution 104, scheduled to be considered in the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on July 29, 2015, states that the program, called Operation Streamline, has been a success and that refusing to prosecute “first-time illegal border crossers” would undermine that success.
“Operation Streamline is an unproven, wasteful program that has criminally prosecuted tens of thousands of unauthorized migrants each year,” said Grace Meng, senior US researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Many are convicted of a federal crime for wanting to return to their families or for fleeing persecution and seeking refuge.”

Under Operation Streamline, dozens of defendants at a time are charged, plead guilty, and ultimately convicted and sentenced of the federal misdemeanor of illegal entry, all within a matter of hours and sometimes even minutes. US Customs and Border Protection claims that the program reduces recidivism by deterring migrants from trying to enter the US illegally again. Although the program was originally touted as a “zero-tolerance” program, the Border Patrol sectors in which Operation Streamline is currently active have differing policies as to which unauthorized migrants should be criminally charged and which should go through the usual administrative removal process....

Operation Streamline is used under the definition of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT and the fact these are not citizens, but, foreign criminals at the border by the simple act of crossing the border. 

That is basically correct, however, if every country in Europe never allowed German Jews to cross their borders there may have been a complete genocide to extinction.

The people that cross the border are victims of their reality and sometimes their governments. They are looking for a chance to work to achieve QUALITY OF LIFE that is not available in their homeland. The deprivation of human rights is a valid reason to allow illegal immigration, it is called asylum. 

The reason "Operation Streamline" is a violation of human rights because it does not allow for asylum and/or refugees.