Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Senator Sessions holds a radical view on authors of regulations when interpreting the law.

Sessions concerns about Cass Sunstein

...But it is a matter of real importance. (click here) Persons who produce these regulations are nameless and faceless denizens of the bureaucratic deep. They possess enormous power. As a prosecutor, I prosecuted cases. At the DEA, many of the drug regulations enforced by the Drug Enforcement Administration are based on regulations they pass, not what was actually required by the Congress of the United States. Major policy decisions are often set forth in that fashion, including environmental regulations, health care regulations, and reimbursement rules and hospital requirements. Financial institutions can be done through regulations and controlled through them. Truly, there is a concern about the disconnect between the democratic accountability we are known for in our country and this process of administrative regulations....

It is a political viewpoint and has never been proven.

Senator Session holds odd points of view mired in GOP Rhetoric. There have never been prosecutions of clerks writing regulations derived from law. If there are issues with regulations written from law it goes to the courts for interpretation. This point of view held by Senator Sessions is ingrained in GOP rhetoric and bias.

In regard to health care for women is the idea Senator Sessions will challenge "Roe v. Wade" as unconstitutional. Take that for fact and falls in lie with the advise he will give to President Elect Trump in his choice of US Justice replacing the Late Justice Scalia.

When it comes to Roe v. Wade; it is not about being Pro-Life, it is a matter of being Pro-Quality of Life. Pro-Life/Anti-abortion does not care about quality of life and drops woman and their families at the door step of poverty. Considering this fact also realize Republicans work to reduce benefits to the poor and victimize them with claims of laziness and immorality.

Oppression of poor, including women and their children, is viewed most accurately when considering the cost of raising a child to their potential.

January 9, 2017
By Tribune News Services

Expecting a baby? (click here) Congratulations! Better put plenty of money in your savings account.

The Department of Agriculture says the estimated cost of raising a child from birth through age 17 is $233,610, or as much as almost $14,000 annually. That's the average for a middle-income couple with two children. It's a bit more expensive in urban parts of the country, and less so in rural areas....

The American poor love their children as intensely as the middle class, upper class and hideously wealthy. The difference with the poor is the potential for their children to obtain education that will realize their potential. Currently, the working poor still have little to no way out of poverty. Since the law that turned welfare to work made no provision to insure the middle class was attainable for these people. The current minimum wage is not only oppressive, it is victimizing to the point of helplessness.