Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Democrats should hold Donald Trump to every promise he made to his electorate.

FILIBUSTER the funds for the southern wall until there is submission by Mexico a payment method that will pay for it. When President Elect Trump met with the Mexican President his electorate wanted to know what was being arranged for Mexico to pay for the wall.

Then candidate Trump stated, "This was only our first meeting and the cost of the wall will come later."

NOW, the American people are expected to pay for the wall without any indication there is payment methods from Mexico to pay for it. The Mexican payment method has to be written into the bill before the funding is issued by Congress.

This is ridiculous. A foreign power that has oil being pumped from the ground isn't going to pay for a wall that will prevent ILLEGAL aliens from crossing to the USA sovereign land.


January 10, 2017
By Debra Killalea

He has raised eyebrows in China (click here) over comments made on trade, Taiwan and North Korea.
And while Beijing has hardly been thrilled about US President-elect Donald Trump's comments regarding the Asian powerhouse, he will have much bigger issues on his plate than China.
That is the view of China expert Professor Greg Austin, a researcher at University of NSW, Canberra.
He warned the path to good diplomacy between the US and China would not always run smoothly.
Asked what a Trump administration would mean for the US-China relationship, Prof Austin said there would almost certainly be strained relations between the two powerhouses.

"I predict there will be many hiccups because of Trump but no major earthquakes," he said....
There have been statements about Trump's plans for infrastructure and tax policy and how it will increase the national debt. I think the American people need to start now and hold him and Congress responsible for their statements to the electorate that put them in office.