Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I think I can draw a conclusion that Senator Sessions is motivated by ideology.

Law's practice at the level of Attorney's General is not suppose to be motivated by ideology. The practice of the law at this level is supposed to be based in fact.

Everyone in the country can come up with theories of violation of law, but, if it is not based in fact it is not prosecutable. The voter ID laws are excellent examples of designer laws based in ideology and not fact.

When the law practices OPPRESSION as is the case with the Voter ID law, the USA is no longer a democracy.

There are a few voter fraud cases from time to time and none rise to the level of numbers that change an election. The fraud was determined so the vote was intact. There is not ONE case of voter fraud that has brought about wrongful elections in the USA. The problem with Voter ID laws is not simply they oppress the electorate; it does so without valid concern.

Laws have effect on Americans and their behavior. The Voter ID laws does have an effect in oppressing the vote. That oppression is measurable. It exists.

The idea a law will exist for every human action and emotion PERCEIVED to be unlawful is completely unrealistic because it would provide oppression of Americans' free will. Americans will be asking themselves if the next action they take will put them before a court and possibly jail.

That level of oppression exists in places that allow a very broad net to be cast to control the population.

Law is suppose to be justified to prevent impacts on Americans as well as laws that prosecute. The Voter ID law is oppressive in the face of very few cases of voter fraud. There are millions of voters casting their ballots and the fraud cases are somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 per year. That number is high, too.

Voter ID law casts a broad net that victimizes Americans and estranges them from their very constitutional foundation. Voter ID enters the area of ideology and not valid law, but, it does exist and it exists because some ideologue somewhere thunk it up and harnessed hubris to drive it into law.

This administration elected in November 2016 will be heavy in hubris. The idea Voter ID is law and Jeff Session allows ideology to drive his political success; there is trouble for the democracy, not the USA, but its' democracy. The sovereign USA will exist, but, the democracy is not going to be part of that sovereignty with more and more broad net laws viewed as valid with an Attorney's General such as Jeff Sessions.

Judges have stated, "If the people want Voter ID they have a right to have it." That is grossly "W"rong!