Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It is ludicrous for any hearing of nominees to go forward without completing the LAWFUL submission of all ethical documents.

The reason such laws exist is to protect the public trust. How is any Senate committee member suppose to know what questions to ask if a nominee for the presidential cabinet was never in government before?

Donald Trump has laid out his nominees and submitted them to the US Senate. It is now time for the nominee to submit all necessary paperwork to allow the US Senate Judiciary Committee to do their work.

KELLYANNE CONWAY, (click here) Senior Adviser to President-elect Trump: Judy, as I understand it, some of the materials just aren’t — have not been complete in the process.
And so there is no reason to delay hearings that we expect will cover the substance of the duties that each of those men and women would have in those respective departments and agencies.
In addition, it’s my understanding that some of the designees have been requested to turn over tax information that has not been part of the regular course of action in the past. So I’m not sure where that stands, but we really need a fully functioning government next week as we have the transition of power from President Obama to President Trump....

The idea the Trump administration can steam roll over top of standards of government is reason for impeachment.

Every nominee needs to comply with USA FEDERAL LAW and submit necessary documents to be reviewed by the US Senate Judiciary Committee. The process set up is to provide information to the US Senate to facilitate voting for or against the nominee. If any Trump administration nominee submits to a hearing without completing the lawful process, he or she should be automatically rejected for office.

The governance of this nominating process is through a long standing law, "The Ethics in Government Act of 1978." (click here)

How current is this? Recent updates to this law include the years 2012 and 2013. (click here) There is nothing out of sync with reality.

The changes of 2012 and 2013 modified the law to end the online publishing of information. It was justified in that online information created a national security problem.

April 7, 2013
By Mark Gongloff

...The STOCK Act change (click here) does not apply to the president, vice president, members of Congress or candidates for Congress. Obama and Congress loudly passed the original STOCK Act last year after reports in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere, along with academic studies, noted that lawmakers with access to market-moving information were suspiciously lucky in the timing of their stock trades. One widely-cited estimate suggests congressional portfolios outperform the broader market by 12 percent annually, though there are reasons to doubt that figure.

The rationale for changing the law was that its disclosure requirements created a national security risk, according to a study ordered by Congress and completed by the National Academy of Public Administration. Federal employees’ unions had objected to the law from the start, saying it could put federal staffers at risk....

This is not Trump World anymore where "The Boss" is allowed to do as he pleases. These are long standing procedures of government that are necessary and correct.

Who Is Required to File: (click here) 

The law requiring public disclosure of personal financial information applies to the President, the Vice President, all Members of Congress (as well as candidates for President, Vice President, and Congress), federal judges and justices, and to high-level staff in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government....

Besides the USA demanding disclosure of elected officials, there are other governments that demand those doing business with them disclose certain information. Hello? There is a reason for government processes and I suggest those in the proposed Trump administration adhere to them and/or EXCEED them to prevent any threat to the USA national security.

Top US intelligence officials provided Trump on Friday with intelligence that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about the billionaire real estate mogul and incoming President, several US officials told CNN....