Friday, November 11, 2016

The Mexican Peso is heading into a direction that is not conducive to deferring illegal immigration.

If Mexico is to stop illegal immigration to the southern border of the USA there needs to be work that is valuable in Mexico. This is not a new insight; Mexico has been deeply impoverished with the exception of tourism areas and in order to improve Mexicans reason to stay home is to improve their country including it's currency.

Mexican products at this point should be of interest to the international markets and the Mexican President should promote tourism and international trade for their products.

There are less immigrants at the southern border than any other time in modern USA history and that did not happen overnight. But, the loss of the reason for Mexicans to stay home is happening overnight. This is a self-affirming negative loop. The more poor Mexico becomes the more illegal immigrants will cross the southern USA border. 

Those people climbing the border wall are human beings. They are not animals and they are not going to be treated as an enemy. They are not enemies, they are desperate real human beings that will be met with compassion at the border by border police.

If the Republicans want to build a billions $US wall (Donald Trump's infrastructure) it will do little to inhibit the will of desperate people that have traveled not just from Mexico by Central America and sometimes South America as well.

The USA will not be killing or maiming people that are unarmed and scared of their own desperation.

Right now the Mexican Peso is losing strength and holds little potential to any money sources, except, the IMF. Mexico is returning to impoverishment as I write this. This is the impact that is real when hate from a US President is spoken.

Simpleton solutions is not the answer to global problems, including the US southern border.

Democratic leadership needs to be loudly heard in the country and globally. Give everyone a reason to push back against the hate and the destruction of forward movement. There are two more Democrats in the USA Senate. That should be a footing to build a stronger Democratic message. There are examples now of the idiocy that is the Republican Party. There are real reasons to believe in the expertise of the Democratic Party.

I will not dress up Donald Trump and his Congress. They are horrible people and it about time the USA realize that hatred is at the center of their hubris and zealotry. The Republicans are supposed to be the reality party, then I suggest a very strong reality to be made. There are no advisers that can cure this mess.

November 9, 2016
By Michael O'Boyle

Mexico said on Wednesday (click here) it would work with Donald Trump for the benefit of both nations after his surprise U.S. election win, but reiterated it would not pay for his planned border wall, which stirred up deep resentment during a fraught presidential campaign.

As Trump strode toward victory, the peso plunged 13 percent in its biggest fall since the Tequila Crisis devaluation 22 years ago, before paring losses to trade down 8.7 percent at 19.91 per dollar. Still, officials held back from taking action to support the peso despite it hitting lifetime lows overnight.

Trump's threats to dump the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) agreement with Mexico and Canada, and to tax money sent home by migrants to pay for the controversial wall on the southern border, have made the peso particularly vulnerable to events in the U.S. presidential race....