Friday, November 11, 2016

Comey. We need to identify male strongholds and promote women into authority.

The attack of Hillary Clinton by FBI Director Comey was completely unexpected and completely unnecessary. During the time of Comey's shock attack occurred, the electorate shifted. It was palpable. Comey couped the USA 2016 elections.

Comey's hatred of Hillary Clinton was obvious even months ago. He stated she was completely irresponsible in handling her emails. That is a political statement. She never handled her emails, her lawyers did.

Hillary Clinton's only sin is that she was not a computer expert. She is among the millions of Americans that can type a message into a Blackberry, but, have no clue about what computer literacy actually is. There is that commercial of two young people arriving at their grandparent's home and before they can hug each other, the young people are handed the household computers to FIX IT, PLEASE. That is where most of us live when it comes to computer literacy; Hillary Clinton is do different.

How many times do I have to state this? President Obama's administration is the first to have an electronic White House. That means the majority of the communication within the administration was often done over the intranet and internet. I guarantee you when any person in the White House was asked about the workings of their handheld devise they would say, "Oh, that is a question for IT." How many people do the same thing? Why would Hillary Clinton be any different. AND COMEY KNEW IT. There were no computers in her office when she met with American intelligence.

Get over it. Comey played politics with the country and that is from the time of his testimony before any Congressional Committee.

That is a ridiculous picture. 

November 11, 2016
Gail Collins

It took Hillary Clinton (click here) a while to talk about the first-woman-president idea. She didn’t stress it early in her 2008 campaign. But people kept coming up to her with pictures of their grandmothers who got to vote for the first time in 1920. Others begged her to get the job done so they could see a woman in the White House before they died.

The dream sank in.

“Now, I — I know — I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling,” Clinton told her grieving supporters. It was already late Wednesday morning by the time she gave her concession speech, winner of the popular vote but loser all the same. She told all the little girls who were watching — and there probably still were little girls watching, since the excitement had been so grand — “never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”

And so it ended. But when we look back on the Clinton campaign as part of history, we’ll see something different from the abrupt, shocking defeat her backers experienced last week. It was a big step in a journey that’s been both inspiring and really, really long....   

Having classified documents among generally circulated documents is not unusual. When considering the tens of thousands of emails passed to the State Department from Hillary Clinton's documents the classified percentage is nearly invisible.

This happens all the time and the documents are not emails. It is called human error.

It is not uncommon (click here) for non-governmental repositories to discover classified records among their manuscript collections. The accessioned papers of former federal employees as well as those of prominent scientists and research entities who interacted with the U. S. government occasionally contain information marked CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, or TOP SECRET. Archivists in universities and colleges, research institutions, state archives, and historical societies frequently uncover these records and are unsure—even afraid—of how to handle them. Fortunately, there are established means, codified in the Code of Federal Regulations, for non-governmental repositories to properly safeguard and to obtain the declassification of these records, as appropriate. This information paper will help you recognize classified material in your collection and deal with it in the right way....

It is sexism. Hillary Clinton was held to an impossible standard. GOT THAT? IMPOSSIBLE STANDARD. There is a margin of error to any statistical finding. No one involved with Hillary Clinton's emails is guilty of any sabotage to the USA government or otherwise. These issues occur and the PERFECT standard is victimization.