Friday, November 11, 2016

There is a power void in DC.

Where there is a void in power there is an opportunity to take that power.

The people of the USA need to take that power and build their lives empowering each other into self-sufficiency.

There is an economy within voids of power.

Where there are people threatened by the new instillation of the comedic festival in DC, look to taking positions at the state level for protection. Go. Don't wait. The states are available to build strong political protections. When states have positions different from the federal legislature it is an automatic lawsuit.

It is survival of the fittest. Go survive.

501(c)4 and/or 3. It is a tool. It is not an answer, but, it can be a good tool.

When Trump went bankrupt he made the banks his servant. Create an economy that cannot be destructed without a profound cost to the country. Make a living that matters. Self-reliance has been the strength of immigrants in the USA for the past century.

Tammany Hall was a New York City political organization that endured for nearly two centuries. Formed in 1789 in opposition to the Federalist Party, its leadership often mirrored that of the local Democratic Party's executive committee.

That is an example how a district of political creation had authority that could not be challenged. Flip a district and build an economy. Just do it. Build towns and cities that survive political strategies. Build cities and towns benevolent to the aggrieved. The aggrieved will stand together and will have power. It is called culture and it is a requirement in survival. 

Build local economies. Do not build illegitimate economies such as drug economies. Ministers and Priests are incredibly wonderful leaders that are also legitimate advocates. Think about morality when building an economy too valuable to destroy. The American people will not allow an entire town to be razed for the political benefit to a figure head.