Friday, November 11, 2016

Donald Trump didn't win the presidency, he was handed the presidency by Comey.

Donald Trump is an illegitimate president.

"If he fails, we fail?" What kind of statement is that? He is failing. He hasn't got the ability to assess the people demonstrating against him and address it as a leader. He lied. He lied and propagandized Americans demonstrating against him. That is not leadership, that is ego driven idiocy after the close of a very contentious election that continues to be contentious.

The media is not going to gloss this over. That isn't going to happen and neither is President Obama.

The financial sector is LOST. They don't understand the policies they will be facing. The real pictures is that even Congress isn't prepared to deal with any of this. The Congress isn't making decisions and haven't made decisions that serve the American people and THEIR STRUCTURES. The Congress is willing to destroy all the entitlements and destroy the infrastructure of the USA. They allowed the USA to default on budgets and close the American infrastructure for a long time. People that worked for the federal government were out of work for the length of time the federal government was closed. Then if that wasn't bad enough they politicized the closing of the federal government for the entire time. They closed the federal government because they could, not because they should and now they have a leader that will continue to validate such antics and not oppose them.

THIS IS NOT GOING AWAY. The actions of the Republicans over the past eight years has been destructive and not to benefit the USA. 

The people of the USA are under attack by a government that is a toy to the power brokers. This is not going to stop.

Donald Trump's cabinet is lined with loyalists as a reward for their roles in his election. That is not leadership, that is hubris and it is real. If Chris Christie is smart he will take the position of Chief of Staff. At least the USA will have a chance to maintain order.

Trump's cabinet is a FOX News design for leadership. I don't know what FOX is going to do when their propagandists are all in positions of power, but, it will be a real circus. A real circus. 

Trump is a figure head. There are governments with figure heads in this world, but, a good number of them are Russian satellites.