Friday, November 11, 2016

The USA's new food stamp motto, "Work to Eat or Die."

November 11, 2016
By Josephine McKenna

Vatican City (RNS) Pope Francis (click here) has urged Donald Trump not to forget the poor and marginalized in his first comments on the president-elect to be published after the Republican’s stunning election win.
In an interview conducted Monday (Nov. 7) on the eve of the election and published Friday by an Italian daily, the Argentine pope declined to make any judgment about Trump.
“I do not judge people or politicians,” the pope told Eugenio Scalfari of La Repubblica when asked what he thought of Trump. “I only want to understand what suffering their behavior causes to the poor and the excluded.”...

Ready for this? We all know how the poor like being dependent on charity and are nothing but lazy. In response to this plague of laziness in North Carolina, food stamps can only be distributed for three months if you don't have work. The fourth month the food stamp recipient has to have work in order to keep the food stamp benefits. After the recipient has work then the Social Service Department will adjust the amount they get according to their paycheck. 

It is pathetic in Red State America and it needs to change.