Friday, November 11, 2016

Volume of traded stocks is not an indication to a rally influenced by political surprises. 

...The S&P 500 indes SPX, +0.20% (click here) had just suffered its longest losing streak in 36 years, to close at a more-than four-month low on Friday. The slump came as Clinton’s lead over Trump in the polls narrowed following the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s decision to look into thousands of freshly discovered emails it deemed “pertinent” to its investigation of her use of a private server while secretary of state....

There were real losers to those losses. Gains do not mean losers regained their financial hold. The middle class of the USA have to monitor their retirement funds and where the monies are invested. There were huge losses in 2008, they need to settle on safe investment for awhile.

Be bearish until an obvious trend in investment is realized.

Don't look to ride a bubble with the majority of investments. In this case the bubble can burst without warning. This is no joke. Serious attention to details in investment is necessary. Middle Class Americans can't afford a "Whale."

When the financial sector is deregulated, beware of 'fast cash.' 

The American Middle Class needs to believe in their ability to understand rock solid investment. Where they don't understand the investment of their monies they need to question the wisdom of that. This is a DC that will provide volatility. They will pass legislation that will turn the knowledge into myth. The changes will be unpredictable.