Tuesday, June 07, 2016

"The Pathetic" are back. They so do miss the slave trade.

Of course, to Republicans, senior citizens are the most egregious of all the country's people on the dole. 

Welfare recipients work for their benefits. Who is kidding who? The Republicans are scapegoating the people unable to defend themselves again.

Typical, Republicans are going to let the public discord create their budget program. They have no clue. They can't fit their policies into a real economy. When Ryan's budget needed the taxes enacted with the Affordable Care Act while demanding the Affordable Care Act be repealed is not anyone who knows what he is doing.

June 7, 2016
By Donovan Slack

..."This is how you create opportunity, (click here) this is how you help people move onward and upward," Ryan said.

On Thursday, he will release recommendations for national security, and in the coming weeks, ideas to tackle other subject areas in the “Better GOP” plan will follow, including taxes, regulations, and health care.

Ryan is trying to unite the highly divided Republican Party around shared policies amid the cacophony of the presidential campaign. It’s unclear if the party’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, is ready to embrace the platform. Ryan said he has had "exhaustive" conversations with Trump and he is confident the real estate developer likely will embrace the policies. At the same time, Ryan was inundated with questions about Trump's suggestions that a judge is biased against him because of his Mexican heritage....